Silvio Romero: “I’m leaving Independent because of my family situation”

Silvio Romero explained this Friday that his departure from Independent It has nothing to do with sports or economic issues, but with the need to provide better living conditions for his family and, within this framework, seek advanced options in the health treatment of his son Mateo.

“I’m leaving now because the circumstances arose, we came from a slightly greater wear than normal, familiarly I needed it, I raised it with the leadership and they understood it,” the striker said in statements to TyC Sports.

The Chinese added: “We needed a change in the family environment, everyone knows the problems that we carry and a change of scenery there is good for us as a family and we agreed”.

Silvio Romero with his son, Mateo, who suffers from cerebral palsy (@pitustorni)
Silvio Romero with his son, Mateo, who suffers from cerebral palsy (@pitustorni)

All the statements of Silvio Romero

  • “They were four years lived with many things, very intense. All that love is priceless and when you put things on the scale, that doesn’t compare to anything. Priceless”.
  • “When it’s time to say goodbye to a place where you feel so loved, it’s hard.”
  • “Beyond everything, I am happy for this new opportunity that I have at this stage of my career. Grateful to Fortaleza for the efforts he made and here we go, to embark on a new path”.
  • “It was more of my decision than that of the leadership or the coaching staff, even Rolfi Montenegro’s.”
  • “I explained to the management that I needed a change of scenery because of my extra-football situation.”
  • “Today the reality of Independiente has nothing to do with that of 2018 when we competed in the Copa Libertadores at a high level, then we had to become champions of the South American and today is another reality. That also generates wear and tear because in this club the demand is very high and if the day to day is not entirely comfortable, everything is done the wrong way”.
  • “Equally It is a decision that we had to make as a family and that is why this position.
  • “Talk to Eduardo Dominguez, we had a very good conversation, but I told him that it is a family issue, that beyond what he could give us sportingly, as a breadwinner and head of the family I needed something else and he understood it, he even helped me to make things happen”.

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  • “My family is the most important thing and what they need too. Beyond the fact that the day to day here in recent times was uphill for me and that is why I did not have the energy to face a semester or a year being captain of a team like this, they deserve a leader who is one hundred percent with the head in Independent”.

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