Simple exercises that pay off

If there’s one simple, underrated, yet incredibly effective exercise for building total-body strength, grip, posture, and stability, it’s the farmer’s walk. Another good news is that its benefits can be easily taken no matter what our physical condition is. Also, it doesn’t require any complicated machinery. Even though everything seems to be working in our favor, overconfidence is not convenient because by applying the right amount of weight we can turn it into a very tough exercise, even though it might not appear to be the case.tell us the secret of the farmer’s footsteps Aaron CorderoHead Coach of the CrossFit Singular Box, a center that routinely incorporates this exercise into the physical preparation of its athletes.

What is it made of?

A farmer’s walk or walk is nothing more than carrying from one place to another a burden that hangs in our arms. If you’ve ever watched a Hercules match, you’ll know it because it’s one of the common tests. This is a move anyone can do. In fact, we do it every time we go to the supermarket with our shopping bags.

What good is it?

Aarón Cordero explains that the greatest advantage of the farmer’s step is its ability to increase strength and stability across the board without adding significant technical complexity. This exercise works whether your goal is to become an elite athlete or you just want to carry luggage without relying on wheels. It’s that simple.

Farmer walks or walks.
Different job options. Whether it’s dumbbells, kettlebells, or a dedicated barbell for a strongman class, there’s always a challenging option.

technical execution

First we have to choose the object to lift, don’t be afraid of challenging weights, in fact, if you don’t have difficulty lifting the weight, it’s because the weight you choose is too light. From here, the steps are very simple, as explained by Aarón Cordero:


Place the load on the ground at your sides.


Maintain good posture when bending over to pick up heavy objects. Keep your shoulders and back straight. Abdominal activity.


Activate before standing up.Need to maintain back position and avoid bending the arms by bending the elbows


Start walking, preferably in small steps while maintaining an upright position without losing tension.

some common mistakes

Although the steps described are very simple, as with any weight-bearing exercise, certain precautions must be taken.

Shoulder collapse: It is convenient to keep your chest up and your shoulders back. If this isn’t possible for you and you start curling up, you’re probably using too much weight.

The weight hits the sides of the legs: Ideally, you should be able to keep the load on the sides of your hips without constantly pounding them. This bug can cause a lot of instability, and some serious bruising if we’re not careful.

Run instead of walk: If we feel like we don’t have the grip strength to hold a heavy object, our first instinct is to run away. Deep down there is nothing more than wanting it to end as soon as possible, but it can throw us almost completely out of control. The pace must be firm, from slow to fast.

What equipment do I need?

Almost anything can be considered a valid farmer’s pass. You just need to be able to hold your hands well and hang at your sides. Come on, two buckets of paint is a perfectly valid example, but a pair of kettlebells or dumbbells will suffice. It’s true that at peak performance levels there are barbells and special equipment for this exercise, but that’s more due to the enormous amount of weight being moved in elite competition. Remember, you don’t need a complicated way to find transportation from one place to another, if you want to save money, look around, who knows, maybe nature will provide you with some extra challenges. Everything is tested.

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