Simple steps to the Dark mode, WhatsApp (WA), Instagram, Facebook, Activate Dark mode for Android & iOS


TRIBUNPADANG.COM – You guys that use Android and iOS already enable dark mode on social media-WhatsApp (WA), Instagram, Facebook?

If not, simply follow the instructions below to view, WhatsApp (WA), Instagram, Facebook, you look at the guys differently.

Not limited to appear unique and different, the dark mode is also available as is able in order to save energy.

• Enable the Dark mode Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp (WA), a New Look-Dark, which Can Save electricity

To Enable • how to Easily Dark mode for WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, you Can Save energy?

Before you try it, you should do the following steps first, and the dark activation mode on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

Dark Mode WhatsApp

WhatsApp officially announced the latest features for iOs and Android announced on Tuesday (3/3/2020).

Quoted from WhatsApp.comthis function can only be enjoyed by users of Android 9 and iOS 13.

Here is how to activate dark mode in Android 9 and iOS 13.

Dark mode on Android-10-and iOS-13

1. You open the WhatsApp application pastikanmu already have, and install the latest WhatsApp.