Simple tips for installing Windows 11 on a PC that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements

Windows 11 Continuing the tradition Microsoft Succeeding a successful version of its operating system with another, less successful version.things happened in Windows XP arrive viewof Windows 7 arrive 8 and 10 Windows 11 currently occupied twenty three% market share, while His predecessor still has 70%, according to Statcounter data. As Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 security updates for another year, Windows 12 will launch in 2024. The fate of the current version seems sealed.

One of the reasons for the low acceptance of Windows 11 is that Elevated Minimum requirements operating system.Launched in 2021the user needs a CPU At least 8th generation processor nuclearfor manufacturers Inteland the second Ryzen,exist AMD.

The first products will be launched at the end of the year 2017 (laptop) and 2018 (Desktop PC) And the 2nd generation Ryzen does this 2018.This leaves many users with computers that were purchased three or four years before Windows 11, if not the latest, or even less so, no matter how powerful they are Unable to update. Another novel hardware requirement in Windows is the module Total Production Management 2.0 The security encryption chip on the motherboard further limits who can access Windows 11.

In the two years since, a variety of solutions have emerged that bypass the minimum requirements set by Microsoft.Even though the company itself still advises against it, it has released a method so that users can update Modify Windows 10 registry. But these processes have a level of complexity that is sure to set many people back.

How to install Windows 11 on a computer with an old CPU and no TPM 2.0

There is an easier way to do this that doesn’t require deep knowledge of Windows. It was discovered in Vietnam a year ago but did not attract public attention at the time.Now, he got it after user @TheBobPony posted it on will confirm that it actually works.

After downloading Windows 11 from the Microsoft website, all you need to do is open Command console (Windows + R) and enter the command to run the installation file, followed by the text “/productserver“, without quotation marks.

As the pictures from the publication show, from letter The name of the storage drive where the file is located, followed by Name The executable file plus “/product server”.After installation, you will be prompted that the running software is microsoft serverbut at the end of the process you will get Windows 11 Home or Pro.

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