Simu Liu is offended that fans did not consider that he could appear in Spider-Man: No Road Home

The speculations about Spider-Man: No Road Home do not stop, and the excitement among the fans is almost irrepressible since there are only a few days left for the film to hit theaters. Around the world, countless comments have been heard from Spider-Man fans who claim that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield will join the film making the Spider-Verse a reality. Apparently, an important member of the MCU has been disappointed that the followers did not consider that he could appear in the new Spider-Man film and has already shown his sadness on social networks.

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We are talking about Simu Liu, actor who stars in the film Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings – 95%, because on December 3 he published a message on his Twitter account in which he expresses that he feels a little offended that no one has thought that he could go out with Tom Holland. Clearly, the post of Liu It is made as a joke, and the actor is famous on social networks for his tweets full of humor. We leave you this publication of Simu liu next:

Having played the role of Spider-Man at birthday parties in and around the greater Toronto area, I’m a bit offended that no one thought I was going to be in No Way Home.

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While the Tweet was obviously made as a joke, one fan pointed out that a team made up of Spidey and Shang-Chi, like Liu wish, it could become real in the MCU, and along with his comment, he shared an image that belongs to a Spider-Man comic, which makes us hope that at some point we could see these two characters share the large screen.

Dude, what about this?

It is a page of the Free Comic Book Day Vol 2011 Spider-Man, wherein Shang-Chi ends up teaching Peter a bit of “Spidey-Fu”, a style of martial arts that is eventually used to defeat not only Spider-Woman, but Shang-Chi himself. Also, an excerpt from the comic Amazing Spider-Man vol 1 669 makes mention of this interaction.

Just like Shang Chi trained me. No long-range attacks. Up close and personal. Targeting nerve clusters! Pressure points! Hitting with spider speed. Striking with spider force! And that, my friends, is what we call: the Way of the Spider!

Seeing that there is a relationship between these two characters embodied in the comics, we are excited to think that sometimes we can see Simu liu and Tom holland together. Since Doctor Strange is a direct part of the plot of No way home, and Wong is a close ally of the sorcerer, we could assume that this facilitates an encounter between Spider-Man and Shang-Chi, since we also saw Wong in the martial artist’s tape and a little more in the post-credits scene of this, where he is He can see them talking to Shang-Chi, Katy, Wong, Captain Marvel, and Bruce Banner about the Ten Rings. We can also add that the union of this legendary team seems very likely now that we know that Sony wants to make three more films with Tom holland and that Kevin Feige himself said that the cast of Shang-Chi will be returning to the MCU soon.

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