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Simulator of modern pirate Pirates Job announced – seizure of merchant ships, violence, shootings

Monuments Games Announces Pirates Job Simulator, Simulating The Grim Reality Of Modern Piracy In Coastal East Africa

As more people end up being pushed into a life of crime due to their choices or circumstances, the player joins them in brutal raids against all kinds of merchant ships.

Raids will be brutal. You will often find yourself onboard a boat with a machine gun mounted on it and a well-used Kalashnikov assault rifle in your hand. You will need to intercept a weak target and terrorize the crew without remorse and take everything that falls into your hands, risking your life and health. You will live a short and violent life. That is unless you really succeed in your attacks.

If you manage to survive and escape with valuable loot, you can afford the equipment you need. You never know when the possibility of a really grandiose robbery knocks on your door … or well-trained guards bang on your head … Better be prepared for both options – buy new weapons, gadgets, and install modifications on your boat yourself.

Moreover, along with a successful capture, the player’s character rises in the local hierarchy. Make connections and become a real pirate captain. Recruit a team of loyal people, and you will no longer have to suffer from poverty when you work together and become the most ruthless pirates.

Forget everything you know about crazy high seas adventures. Modern piracy is dark, bloody, and only the most persistent and ruthless gunners can survive in this vicious “business”.

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