Since Corona, Apple Restrict the purchase of mobile phones in A number of countries


SHANGHAI, – A manufacturer of mobile phones and electronic items, Apple Inc., a series of steps has to survive in the midst of a pandemic-the outbreak of the corona. One of them is buying the limit of the customer.

Quoted from Reuters, Friday (20/3/2020), Apple has restricted the purchase of the Iphone in its online Shop, up to a maximum of 2 devices per person. This policy was implemented in some countries, of which two are in the USA and China.

Restrictions on the purchase is carried out, after the manufacturer of the phone it has shut down a lot of his business in a few countries, including China, due to the corona virus continues to spread.

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Limitations this is the first time this has happened since 2007, when Apple introduced first. In 2007, restrictions are imposed to prevent people from buying too much and sold it again.

Restrictions were also made to melimitasi a fatal blow to its revenue due to the corona, both because of the interruption of the supply chain and weak demand in the last couple of months.

As information, when the eruption of the corona hit in China, Apple shut down all points of sale and mortirnya March 13, 2020. Foxcoon, manufacturing Partner, the most important, is temporarily in operation. Now, if the founder of Foxcoon, Terry Gou said that production is back to normal.

In February, Apple CEO Tim Cook had warned in a letter to investors. The contents of the letter, said the company will probably not revenue projections could meet early because of the outbreak.

Currently, factories in China have re-operations. But Apple and the company, the other hardware should be weakened in the face of the demand to fight if in the countries around the world still in the vicinity of the branch-and-take of the pain the virus.

Although there are open shops in China to gradually return to 13. March 2020, the company announced it will close all markets outside of China in the fight against the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile, according to the researchers, smartphone, works in the research firm Canalys, Nicole Peng, to prevent the restriction of purchases of Apple’s possible that speculators from hoarding the device and re-sell on the black market.

“This happened in the past in Asia, to sell when there is a launch of a new iPhone and Scalper an opportunity saw the country to the Chinese, where a new mobile is difficult, buying time,” he said.

“Now, shops around the world closed, the brokers online see the same opportunities (time),” he said.