Since it shows what they think of their children’s fame


| 30/06/2020 – 7:30 pm (GMT-4)

Many of you may think that since you are a son of one of the couples is the most popular in the music industry, as they are Since and Tommy Mottolaits shoots are to follow in his footsteps… well, he’s not!

In the world of entertainment, there have been several cases of children who are continuing the legacy of their parents. A recent example of this is the Emmethe daughter of the Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthonythat is a star on the rise, but after the past month of February, stunned the world by taking action at the break of the Super Bowl, along with his mother. But, on the contrary of it, She not Matthew, 12, and 9 years, respectively, and you are interested in being in the center of the flashes, such as their famous parents.

In an interview with the program The Break of 7in the chain Univisionone of them asked The empress of Beauty on what do you think of your buds on the fame of their parents. On the face of it, the artist replied: “they don’t care, or don’t. They collided”.

In fact, the proud mom revealed the concerns of their children. “My daughter, Sabrina, for instance, he loves anything that is animated. She loves to do animation, love to draw, paint, create, make, comic strips. My son said, ” now that is what you want it to be a ‘gamer’. So, you’re in it’s already know,” he said.

They don’t care in the least

“They are totally the opposite of what mom and dad do. They don’t care in the least,” he added, noting that, for the time being, small -, 12 -, and 9-year-olds are out of focus. But that doesn’t mean that they are not involved in the business, because, as he said During your conversation with her She wrote a couple of songs from their latest album, Live The Kids 2.

“She wrote a couple of songs on this album. So, on the one hand, it likes to be the ‘behind the scenes’, it is not in front of it. Don’t like what is in the way of composing, or producing,” he said.

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