Singer Choi Sung-bong, 33 years old –

Another Korean pop star who “does not stop”: Seoul police investigators classified the death of the young man as a suicide Choi Sung Bong, star of korea’s got talent (He finished second in 2011) and has since become the darling of thousands of youngsters. The youth was found dead at his home in Seoul on Tuesday morning. There His life was difficult, with strong light and strong shadow.

Poor childhood, pure adolescence, Choi dropped out of music school as a child because he could not afford university fees. For years he did small jobs “on a daily basis”. Big Opportunity Again in 2011: Enter One korea’s got talent, comes with in the final Operatic performance of a piece by Ennio Morricone, The video of his show has been viewed 21 million times and even Justin Bieber has praised him on his Facebook. Never say never. Best wishes to this man for a great story.

As was the case with Susan Boyle, contracts followed and greater fame ensued. Even a memoir, which becomes a bestseller. Then, physically, the soufflé falls apart. And to get attention, and to make some money, Choi told her fans on social media that she has cancer, It’s 2021. Like any online rumor, though — that Choi doesn’t have cancer — this one, too, was debunked a few months ago. And not surprisingly, in a message uploaded to YouTube a few days ago, Choi apologized “thousands of times to everyone who suffered because of my mistake” and said he had returned all donations.

But in the increasingly lucrative K-pop industry, the pressure is too high. And many of its young stars fail to make it. In 2019, 25-year-old starlet Sully was found dead in her home after being subjected to cyberbullying. A few weeks later, another K-pop star, 28-year-old Goo Hara, was found dead in her home. Suicides. In October 2021, the South Korean government introduced a plan to improve the mental health support available to local celebrities. But the black wave does not stop. In April, 29-year-old singer Moonbin committed suicide. Hyesu, a K-pop star of his time, took his own life in early June.

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