Single “Il Disco Gira”

goes out “disc spins”, new single by the talented artist Chris, in national promotion in the main digital stores and on Italian radio. A song that lightheartedly describes the ups and downs of our lives, our passions, our difficulties. It has been compared to an old vinyl record that spins and doesn’t stop, but always infuses a positive note and urges us to always “find the energy of”.dance“Even when we don’t have the strength. A clear and direct message from Khris who wants to vibrate body and soul through music and the perfect mix to enjoy while dancing to “Il Disco Gira”.

artist history

I’m Chris, an independent Italian singer-songwriter, I’ve loved making music for a long time and grew up with R&B hip hop music in my ears. I’ve always loved the warm and full sounds of this genre and the history they have with them. In any case, music for me is everything that evokes emotion, so I don’t disdain any genre, even though my unbreakable bond is definitely with R&B. I love rhythm and pressing vocals like Lauren Hill, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, Mary J Blige… All the music I came with and many other artists like John Legend, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake and many more.

About myself I can say that my goal with music is to try to give a positive attitude in every lesson, in my opinion the purpose of music is the same. I don’t like the concept of channeling sadness because, when I listen to a song, my goal is to be able to uplift my mood, or to be able to find motivation to react to difficult and sad moments. Another thing I look for in every song I do is movement, the rhythm that makes me dance, I always wanted and tried to be a complete artist, dance has been a part of my life for a long time and I want to bring it Back with me in every beat.


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