Single “Vita Mia” (featuring Alpha) produced by Ariana, Ryan Tedder.

Arena singer of millions of genres, who boasts collaborations with international artists such as Pitbull, Shaggy and Flo Rida, actress and television presenter and AlphaThe 2000-born Genoese singer-songwriters, with over 470 million streams on digital platforms, come together artistically to pay tribute through music to the dramatic situation of the soldier forced to leave: the historical times we live in. There is a position strongly felt in it.

the single “my lifewas produced by ryan tedder, front man of OneRepublic and American record producer. Tedder has produced for Madonna, Lady Gaga, U2, Adele, Ariana Grande, Ellie Goulding, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, Katy Perry and many others in his career.

Ariana, new single “Vita Mia” (featuring Alpha) produced by Ryan Tedder.

In “my lifechord of ,‘O sweaty ‘nnammurato,one of the most famous songs Tongue NeapolitanWritten by poet Aniello Califano in 1915 and reinterpreted several times by many Italian artists: this text describes the sadness of a soldier who is forced to say goodbye to the woman he loves during World War I , without knowing whether he would do so or not. never see him again.

,O Suradato ‘Nnammurato’ is considered by many to be a song expressing happiness and joy. In fact it is a song that also reflects the pain of a soldier forced to leave his love behind to go to war” – says Arena , “My and Alpha’s purpose was to talk about a man who was forced into a confrontation he didn’t want to, leaving his home, his country and his loved ones for something he could not choose, A war that was never wanted”,

His love for the classics of Neapolitan music dates back to his childhood, during which he was raised by his mother, a former singer.bread and destiny musicAs she herself says. In these years she had the opportunity to work in the theater with the director Tato Russo, who chose her to interpret Bernardina, the wife of Masaniello’s hero in Naples, in a musical of the same name, in a troupe of 40 Neapolitan actors. Which she has faced in 4 years of touring, brilliantly managing to sing and act in ancient Neapolitan.

For a few years now, Ariana, as an Italian artist relocated abroad, never fails to bring Italianness to her foreign artistic projects, the single “sexy guysfeat. Pitbull, dance remake of the famous song “come back to sorrento”, peaked at number five on the US dance chart.

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