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There are a large number of diseases around the world may or may not be relevant Sometimes they are often so different that we can’t imagine them going hand in hand, as in Sinusitis and erectile dysfunction.

A recently published study titled Risk of Chronic Sinusitis and Erectile Dysfunction (translated into Spanish) explaining the possible close relationship between the two disorders, even though in it they state that chronic sinusitis is common Associated with decreased quality of lifewhich includes sexual health.

What are sinusitis and erectile dysfunction?

Sinusitis is nothing more than sinus fluid, so the microorganisms multiply.usually virus relatedbut it can also arise from bacteria.

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition in its own right, limited ability to maintain an erection When it comes to having sex, there are factors that make them more vulnerable to sexual distress elderlyarrive taking certain drugsquestion psychological or emotional and overweight or consume tobacco.

Sinusitis and Erectile Dysfunction May Be Linked

The research is based on gathering information 17,000 peoplesome of whom received treatment to combat erectile dysfunction The result they give is More than 700 people suffer from respiratory diseasebut also within the group, More than 500 people also have problems with their penis.

“We found that chronic sinusitis was significantly associated with erectile dysfunction, and this association remained significant even when the interval between chronic sinusitis diagnosis and erectile dysfunction treatment was restricted.” report on the study.

But this study is not the only one being done, as in another study titled Increased severity of nasal congestion leads to increased incidence of sexual dysfunction in patients with chronic sinusitisthey mention:

“There was a significant negative correlation between the severity of nasal congestion and sexual function. As the severity of nasal congestion in CRS (chronic sinusitis) increased, sexual function also decreased. CRS patients also had lower sexual function scores than healthy control men. ”

This begs the question of what their similarities are, prompting scientists to investigate, Both conditions involve inflammation and Vascular injurywhich results in reduced blood flow.

Anyway, the advice is always see a specialist in order to be able to provide appropriate treatment for the disease.

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