Sister Anna Monya’s wish to return to school

A week before the start of classes, on the occasion of the return to school, Sister Anna Monia Alfieri wanted to convey her best wishes to all the children, their families and teachers, for this to be a truly “good” year.

Best wishes from Sister Anna Monia.

“At the start of the new school year, I send a message of goodwill to the entire world of Italian schools. May it be a good year because it is rich in culture and learning, learning, growth, awareness of the reality that surrounds us. Recent events in Kaywano show us a deep need for education, a dire need that only a good public, public or private school can give to society. Therefore, I invite all political forces and all institutions, all parties, public associations. , all associations which in various capacities and in various ways are associated with schools must take up the work, transcending any political division, and give opportunity through schools to our young people. And let it be a school, state or peer, truly public, concretely free, truly autonomous and effectively chosen by parents without any economic restrictions. This is what we need and this is what I want with all my heart. Happy school year everyone!”

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