Six films in cinemas: from France to comics and from Investigator Brignano to centennial Castellitto

The summer season, albeit weak in terms of box office (except for the usual majors and beautiful phenomenal open-air arenas), does not let itself be intimidated by the upcoming Venice Film Festival, but, on the contrary, rolls up its sleeves. So only in the second half of August 32 titles are offered in cinemas. From Oppenheimer we’ve already talked about, here are six more.

Passages From Ira Saks it was presented at the Sundance Film Festival and at the Berlinale, but had a simultaneous release on the Mubi platform and in theaters with Lucky Red on 17 August (9th at the Italian box office after its opening weekend). It tells about the betrayal of a man to a husband with a woman and the sentimental twists and turns that follow from this. From this one could guess about the desire to explore same-sex marriages. Instead, it’s a small, meandering collection of toxic relationshipregardless of orientation. In this sensual and modern Paris of movement, furrowing the wheels of a bicycle, Franz Rogowski (Freaks AND disco boy) plays a treacherous director suspended between the enchanting Ben Whishaw and Adele Exarchopoulos in manage a trio of actors imbued with desire, disappointment and whim. And the latter are two healthy feelings, which naturally exclude each other. In the movies, right on the day Robert De Niro turned 80, I’m only now noticing that Rogoswka has the same outcast energy that the New York actor had at the time. main streets AND Taxi driver. Accident?

By chance, a good boy from a Mexican family, who is resettled in the USA, takes possession of a strange and very strong blue beetle with a narrower snout. Karate kidAgainst Cobra Kai: it’s Xolo Mariduegna, the new star of Netflix, and who knows, maybe even DC Comics for this adventurous blue beetle. A new superhero (1940s comics) is being revived by Warner Bros in its latest iteration, but Angel Manuel Soto’s film will also feature more retro costumes. The director positively influenced the aesthetics very strange things and lots of 80s action movies, it offers an immersive atmosphere with rough grain and well-done special effects on a budget of just $120 million. And perhaps he is also doing well at the box office with over 43 million grossed worldwide, while in Italy he is second only to the billionaire. Barbie.

Another planet than ugly, bankruptcy and more expensive Flash. Little Ant-Man for a string of heroes from the past, little Spider-Man for the youthful strangeness of the powers that have fallen upon him, little Iron Man and Venom for the all-powerful and intelligent armor that protects him from everything, a little Shazam and a little Guardian of the Galaxy for a close-knit family that supports and follows him with heroism, as well as a very tasty soundtrack, this boy represents a strong novelty for DC comics: the strength not only of the family as a group, but also in South American immigrant community as heroic people from the bottom of their menial jobs to the heights of unexpected superheroes. A bit weepy and brash perhaps, but quite entertaining, though far from the Guardiani aura, we’re starting to see Warner as a wise intervention as a producer. James Gunn.

It arrives August 24 with Altre Story and Minerva Pictures. I am your father Matthieu Wadepier. The French director shows us the tenderness, strength and perseverance in the struggle for survival of a Senegalese father and son, drafted into the French army for the First World War. This is the story of an unknown soldier, like many others, about the birth of a new European nation united by him. african men dead in the trenches, but often ungrateful to them. The acting pairing of Omar Sy and Alassan Diong are strong, but the film, while essential for the value it brings, remains rather devoid of iconic imagery for a successful but not memorable direction. Also featured in Cannes under Un Certain Regard, it’s still a good title to get to know modern roots our Europe, perhaps addressing it to schools.

And Alessandro Pondi’s new work proves the playful greed of a school called Italian comedy mixed with noir and Hitchcock lessons. Come back with it Henry Brignanothis time a decrepit budding Secret Service agent. Dangerous Comedyin theaters from August 30th with 01 Dstribution, is a bold investigation of a naive fool, as well as a light and disillusioned reflection on real things. What dreams are made of. There are as many jokes on the intricate and well-structured chessboard of narrative as there are consequences for a crime thriller. Paola Minaccioni, Monica Vallerini and Chris Ciampoli’s music also return to Pondi’s side, but new entries are added such as grumpy commissar Fortunato Cerlino, haunted hostess Gabriella Pession and a pleasant surprise Emanuela Jonica talented as a Romanian waitress. , but in fact, a certain Zendaya is already voicing.

We return to France with Alain Hughetto’s family epic, a poetic animation made from plasticine and cartoons called Interdit aux chiens et aux Italiens, for Italy Work. Who knows if Nicola Piovani, the author of the music, chose it precisely because of this original name, which so much resembles Life is Beautiful. However, he gives his unmistakable harmony to a beautiful parable about work and emigrants. From August 31, the events of a Piedmontese family resettled in France will appear in cinemas. Two world wars, the Spanish one and many hardships are told with exemplary synthesis and creative ease. The exhibition joins him in launching the film Lucky Red. Forbidden to dogs and Italians continues in MEI, National Museum of Italian Emigration in Genoauntil September 24th.

And the war also experienced a centenary, masterfully interpreted Sergio Castellitto. First job The best century of my life Alessandro Bardani proceeds from an absurd law still in force, centennial lawwhich prevents the children of mothers who have not recognized them from knowing their parentage until they are 100 years old. So, this lazy old man, full of enthusiasm, will go on a journey with his new companion. Valerio Lundini to open the treasured file. It will hit theaters September 7th alongside Lucky Red and has already won its first Giffoni Best Film award in the +18 section. Possibly the best interpretation of Castellitto. His Gustavo is simply perfect, mesmerizing from start to finish along with the brilliant Lundini. A unusual road movieirreverent, irresistibly lively, but also socially necessary and moving. Gun Gabriele Mainetti, producer here, hit the mark with this title, who will certainly be one of the best Italians in this new 2023 season.

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