six hairstyles for summer

When you think of summer, immediately the thought of summer comes. Thus, side hairstyles, we always opt for a Cropmaybe made more specific by a flannel, But this summer, you can keep the hair flannels you love and hate in the drawer. because there are 6 trends to trythat you have me short, medium or long hairBeautiful and practical, already tested and approved by the stars. Let us see them in detail.

mermaid waves

They are loose and fluid waves, with the hairline smooth and free to express itself from length to tip. Simon AshleyWas an early adopter, playing one of Ariel’s sisters in Disney’s live action The Little Mermaid. Sydney Sweeney She also puts them on the edge of her long curtains, Hailee Steinfeld makes them more complete in the center, Riley Keough Like her TV character Daisy Jones gives it a ’70s twist.

lots of clothespins or flowers

In fact, not just basic clothespins and flannel. have fun with hair clip In a wide variety of sizes and colours. iris law An example of this is, whereas, selecting bunnies and glitters Elsa Hosk Bet everything on flowers, it is better to pick fresh ones, just plucked and fastened with invisible hairpins.

the scarf

the grand return of the special edition of bandana, Choose it small and colourful, preferably in silk. Multiple reference stars. bella hadid He likes it white and with lace embroidery, sophia rich And Emma Roberts colored, worn instead of a circlet or straw hat, Kendall Jenner Instead it teaches us to tie it around the neck in an elegant way.

simple bunch crop

This is probably the hottest hair look of this summer. it involves the creation of a bottom bun And the two most prominent tufts of hairline in the front were pulled back, leaving them free to express themselves with the wind. Star Alert: Victoria Ceretti, Hailey Bieber, Lily-Rose Depp and Dua Lipawhile Gigi Hadid sings out of the chorus and opts for a shorter coda.

torchon peak

It was developed by Ariel. halle baileyThe star of The Little Mermaid has opted for not the usual braids divided into three sections. You only made two, twisted them like a ’90s ice cream, Twister. And she sported a hairstyle that not only had two braids but many more braids as well. They are worth experiencing.

Bows and Flowers: Sandy Liang’s Autumn Preview

Perfect for summers, this hair look seen at the Fall Winter 2023-24 fashion shows is playful and fun. leaving it involved slightly wavy hair and for the entire length of the hair, apply some subtle bow, pink, white or black, Alternatively, a scrunchy, oversize and flowery one.

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