six seasons of the television series

Before arrival OS and from Gossipin the early 2000s to keep millions and millions of teenagers glued to the TV, Paso Adelantespanish series that winked at the world They will be famous.

18 years after the end of the show, which was revived in 2022. UPA Next (better known as Un Paso Adelante Next), Paso Adelante fits Netflix from August 1 with commissioning broadcast All 6 seasons of the series are set in the most important dance and performing arts school in Madrid, where a group of young people face life’s small and big adversities while dreaming of making it big.

Between choreography, songs, moments of glory and loud defeats, I characters From Paso Adelante they also find themselves struggling with the birth of a new love, a flirtation that never blossomed, and unrequited sympathy.

throw From Paso Adelanteconcerning actors chief, consists of timid Lola Fernandez (playing Beatriz Luengo), from charming Pedro Savior (aka Pablo Puyol), the ambitious Roberto”RobertArenales (aka Miguel Angel Munoz), from explosives ingrid Munoz (Sylvia Marty) and a talented dancer Silvia Jauregi (Monica Cruzyounger sister Penelope Cruz).

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