Six years after the death of David Bowie | Last Saturday I would have turned 75

This Monday marks the sixth anniversary of the death of David Bowie. His last public appearance happened in December 2015, when he attended the premiere of Lazarus: musical based on his repertoire and directed by Michael C. Hall. The previous year he had been diagnosed with liver cancer, information that was kept strictly confidential. To the point that the musicians who worked with him at various stages of his career learned about his condition from the announcement of his death. One of the few collaborators who was aware of what was happening to the artist was Tony Visconti, a friend and producer with whom he joined forces again for what ended up being his last album: Blackstar. After that recording, “El Duque Blanco” learned that the cancer had spread to his entire body and that his condition was terminal. So during the filming of the video for “Lazarus”, a single included in that work, he decided to end the treatment.

His death turned into a kind of conceptual work of art, considering that his birthday happened two days before. So on Saturday, January 8, Bowie would have reached 75 years old. Regarding the date, his widow, the supermodel Iman, recalled him on his Twitter account with the message: “I exist in two places: here and where you are”, accompanied by a black and white photo from the time they were married. As a result of that relationship, Alexandria Zhara Jones was born, who today, at 21, is making her way into the visual arts and has been seduced by the fashion industry. Although his mother warned him about it: “They are only interested in you because you are Bowie’s daughter.” While his eldest son, the film director Duncan Jones, this time made no allusion to the birth of his father. Unlike last year, when he remembered it with an emotional tweet.

Prior to the celebration of his new birth, the magazine Variety stated in early January that the English musician’s relatives sold the complete catalog of his discography to the Warner Chappell Music company. For the operation they received 250 million dollars, a figure that is far from the 535 million that the British media speculated in November. What the multinational company paid also knows little, if it is compared to the 500 million that Sony Music deposited to Bruce Springsteen for his catalog. “These are not just extraordinary songs, but milestones that have changed the course of modern music forever,” WCM CEO Guy Moot said in a press release, describing the catalog as “groundbreaking, influential and timeless.” . Last September, the company announced that it had acquired the rights to its 26 albums.

This includes his most recent record production: Toy. Originally, it was part of the box set Brilliant Adventure, released on November 26, 2021 and that compiles the albums that Bowie published between 1992 and 2001. Apart from a live album and a compilation. Although the initial intention was to revert to old songs (among which “Yo”ve Got a Habit of Leaving” stands out, a song that dates back to 1965 and which was the last one he signed as David Jones, his real name), at that were added three unpublished, the project ended up leading to the recording of the album Heathen (2002). While others appeared in the compilation Nothing Has Changed (2014). Before the outcome was different, the artist told his fans: “I gathered a selection of songs from a somewhat unusual repertoire.” Despite not offering any surprises, at the end of the day it is considered his posthumous album.

The launch of this deluxe edition of Toy, which was released last Friday, coincides with the imminent anniversary of the album that catapulted not only David Bowie but also the glam rock scene towards immortality: The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. Despite the fact that June 16 will mark the 50th anniversary of its publication, it is not yet known if there will be a reissue in this regard. The closest thing to a celebration for half a century of this work will take place between June 17 and 19, 2022, in Liverpool. This is where the first David Bowie World Fan Convention will take place. Former members of his band and collaborators will be in the game. Carlos Alomar, Robin Clark, Gail Ann Dorsey, Donny McCaslin and Spiders From Mars drummer Woody Woodmansey have already confirmed. Tickets are on sale, and their price is around 17 thousand Argentine pesos.

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