skimpy swimsuit and flashy curves

Kim Kardashian is in the Dominican Republic and lets herself be immortalized in a series of racy shots in a micro bikini.

Kim Kardashian, the holiday is getting hot: skimpy swimsuit and curves to scream

Continue the crazy summer Kim Kardashian, the most talked about and loved influencer in the world. Now officially divorced from Kanye West and no new flirting, Kim relaxes on vacation and leaves Italy for the Dominican Republic, where she is photographed in a skimpy bikini, with a happy expression and breathtaking curves on the screen.

Kim Kardashian flies to the Dominican Republic

These are the years of renaissance Kim Kardashian. Divorce from Kanye West marked a very important step in the life of the highest paid influencer in the world: as she herself admitted several times in front of the cameras of a reality show that lasted decades with her beloved sisters, saying goodbye to Kanye represented the realization of the possibility of doing it alone, especially in the fashion industry. It’s no secret that it was the rapper who took care of Kim’s image himself, placing her in a world that previously belonged to her very little, through historic collaborations such as with Balenciaga.

Kardashian got revenge when Dolce & Gabbana they chose her to direct their fashion show, celebrating period pieces from their endless and beautiful wardrobe. Success at fashion shows in Milan, but less in personal life, given the drama that arose from a discussion with her sister Kourtney Kardashian, who wanted to use the same models for her Dolce Vita wedding. So, after visiting Italy for an event hosted by a famous fashion house in Puglia, Kim made a short stop at home before heading out with his kids on a new adventure in Dominican Republic.

Sexy bikini Kim Kardashian

Although thanks to his series we got to know a more intimate and shy side Kim Kardashian, which forces her to have relationships with men in the dark for fear her body won’t like it, a beautiful powerful woman likes to show off her curves in public. Kim arrived at Dominican Republic with her children and friends, she used every free minute to put on bikini and get into the holiday spirit.

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Kim’s curves are legendary, and she loves to flaunt them, even if she’s only speaking in public (what an argument). Kardashian she relaxes in a gorgeous pool of water that seems like the perfect setting for a heavenly siesta, while those present look at her with increasing curiosity, as seen in the footage. A small waist, ample breasts (but altered after the replacement of prostheses), little make-up and very long hair that reaches down to her. Side B. What can I say, the tourists who shared this moment with her were lucky.

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