Skin Shoutgun Garena Free Fire the Latest, the skin M1014 Wasteland in the gun Royale

1424 – Garena fire Free the skin type shotgun latest, skin shotgun he receives from the gun royale.

Skin M1014 M1014 Wasteland is to say, the color of which is yellow-brown-golden in keeping with the theme of the Elite-Pass-fire-Free this season.

To turn to add a skin, the shotgun, the newest, then the survivors will need, the gun royale.

• Collaboration-fire Free and Ragnarok has Been Started, follow the Event Poring Token hunting, the price

And the latest skin, the range increased to two, increases the damage reduced by one, but accelerated.

The presence of skin-Free shotgun, the latest fire, video penampakan M1014 Wasteland again, trending, youtube, Thursday (12/3).

For those who wonder how great is the Power (OP) skin M1014, then spinning the survivors before the time runs out.

Known skin shotgun is the latest in the Free Fire da (11/3), and then, in accordance with the Ragnarok, the cooperation with open fire.

The LAST-quoted from the youtube video Rendy Ranger “SG WASTELAND, the DISTANCE is MUCH MORE OP! PLUS, NEW UPDATES!”, be aware, if the distance of the shotgun from the skin of the youngest, the much.

Even distance, the shotgun is almost similar to the MP40, M1014 Wasteland OP in the removal much the is a bit.