Sky relieves the quarantine series and movies


At the time of quarantine, the chains are making a great effort to reinforce its programming to attract the viewers ‘ attention. And one of them is Sky, who has bet on series and films for all audiences, among them the child, one of the most demanding when it comes to choose their favorites.

Vis a vis: The oasis

Before separating, Macarena (Maggie Civantos) and Zulema (Najwa Nimri) decide to give a last blow to: to steal the tiara of diamonds to the daughter of a major narco mexican during your wedding. To achieve this they will need the help of Goya (Itziar Castro), Monica (Lisi Linder), Triana (Claudia Riera) and The Skinny (Isabel Naveira).

The good doctor

In this production, dr. Shaun Murphy, played by Freddie Highmore, continues to face the prejudices of society, interacting with peers and working as a surgeon in the surgical unit of a prestigious hospital in spite of his problem of autism and to have the syndrome Savant.

28 days later

The series 28 days later deals with the invasion of a group of beings in terrible shape after the spread of a virus that plagues the streets of the Uk causes chaos in the capital, London. In just 28 days, the epidemic spreads throughout the country and there are only a few survivors that they will have to face the horror of the situation.

The incident

Starring Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel, The incident is a film that speaks of a futuropostapocalíptico. After a series of unexplained deaths, Elliot Moore embarks on a trip with his wife Alma and his daughter to hide from a killer who is invisible. However, soon you will realize that it is impossible to escape him.


Range is a chameleon who spends the time camouflaged and that comes by accident in the Mojave desert. Willing to give it a twist to his life, he occupied the position of sheriff in the desert population of Dirt, where you will soon realize that being a hero is not as easy as I thought. To appease its neighbours, will face the improbable situations. What will solve the problems that you face?

How to train your dragon

Directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders, the film How to train your dragon tells the story of Hiccup, who do not feel part of their tribe, which is dedicated to the hunting of dragons. In defiance of the traditions of the village in which he lives, the young viking befriends a ferocious dragon, called Toothless. Together they will have to face a multitude of dangers to save the world, becoming real heroes.

The Immortal: a film of Gomorrah

The film, set between the Naples after the earthquake of 1980 and the Riga current account of the history of the origins of Ciro di Marzio, played by Marco D’amore, and known from that time as The Immortal. A young man who is immersed in a continuous dialogue between his past as an orphan and his present as one of the members most feared of the mafia, an exile in the baltic region and separated from his hometown by thousands of miles. A spin-off the series Gomorrah, based on the novel by Roberto Saviano, an original production from Sky.

Alvin and the chipmunks

After trying luck with a hopeless composer, three squirrels, a very peculiar, Alvin, Simon and Theodore, they decide to make the home of Dave one of his own. Once the squirrels realize the need to convince Dave that will let them live in your house to show you that not only can walk like a person… but you can sing!