Skyfire with Jason Isaacs on Rai 4

heavenly fire, on Rai 4, a Chinese-made disaster action film directed by British director Simon West (Con Air) starring Jason Isaacs and Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter saga. The film is set on a volcanic island paradise where the world’s only volcanic-themed park and resort is built, which becomes a hellish trap; practically “Jurassic Park” meets “Dante’s Peak – Mountain Fury” or, if you like, “Volcano – Los Angeles 1997”.

Skyfire – Actors and voice actors

Hanna Quinlivan Meng Li
Xueqi Wang as Wentao Li
Jason IsaacsJack Harris
Lingchen Ji: Bo Teng
Sean Doe as Zhengnan Xiao
An Bai: Jiahui Dong
Leslie Ma as Qianwei Wang
Bee Rogers: Young Man
Alice RietveldSue Miller
Liang Shiprofessor Jiang
Ryun Yu: Lei Xu
Xinmo Ma as Qianwei Wang
Tongjiang Hou: grandfather
Jianmin Cui: Investor 1
Gigi Velicitat: Investor 2
Yiqing Li: Shanshan
Lawrence de Stefano: a wealthy tourist
Yuqi Chen: Employee 1
Erica Huey Tan: Tourist
Makena Taylor: Tourist

Italian dubbers

Maine LiVeronica Puccio
Wentao Li: Franco Mannella
Jack HarrisFrancesco Prando
Bo TengAlex Polidori
Zhengnan Xiao as Flavio Aquilone
Jiahui Dong: Margherita De Risi
Leslie Ma as Isabella Benassi

Skyfire – Story and Trailer

Tianhuo Island is a wonderful paradise. You almost forget that it is located in the “Ring of Fire”, the world famous volcanic belt of the Pacific Ocean. A young scientist (Hannah Quinlivan) invents a state-of-the-art volcanic warning system and returns to the island where her mother tragically died, hoping she can prevent future deaths. The island is now home to the world’s only theme park and resort dedicated to volcanoes, the brainchild of its dashing owner, Jack (Jason Isaacs). Chaos soon ensues as the once dormant volcano begins to awaken. Leaving the island is a battle with nature, when fiery death and destruction pour from the mountain.

A little about the film

  • Skyfire is the first Chinese-made big-budget disaster film, and producer Jennifer Dong, CEO of Meridian Entertainment, expressed her hope that it will be as much of a “blockbuster” for the genre in China as it has been before. wandering earth for science fiction.
  • Simon West (Con Air, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The Expendables 2, The Killing) is directing Skyfire from a script by Sidney King (The Pearl Diver) and newcomer Wei Bu.
  • Despite Simon West as director and numerous foreigners in various positions, the film, shot in Malaysia, is not a co-production, but an entirely Chinese production. A number of the actors were bilingual, so Meridian Entertainment filmed the entire film twice, once in Chinese and once in English, with the idea of ​​releasing two different versions.
  • Jennifer Dong, CEO of Meridian, has expressed her intention to make Skyfire a trilogy. The studio did not reveal the film’s budget, but Dong admitted that it was slightly over budget.
  • The costumes for the film were designed by Vera Chow, while the design of the helmet worn by Hannah Quinlivan was provided by the Indian fashion studio The V Renaissance.
  • The project was conceived five years ago by Base FX, which has experience working with Hollywood on major projects such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Transformers 4: Age of Extinction. The company originally envisioned the film as a co-production that could showcase their visual effects work. Later, Meridian joined us and reworked the script, bringing the focus back to China.
  • “Skyfire” marks Meridian and Base FX’s first foray into feature film production, which was accompanied by a series of editing difficulties. At some point, due to these difficulties, visual effects producer John Hughes, a Hollywood industry veteran who founded Rhythm & Hues and now runs Tau Films, the company with which he joined the project, was hired. Hughes faced a Herculean challenge: “We only had four months to complete the episodes that had already started at Base and a third of the movie that they hadn’t started yet. It seemed impossible.” But Hughes outsourced some of the work to three other companies (South Korea’s WYSIWYG, India’s Anibrain, and Thailand’s Monk Studios), and the originally planned 1,800 visual effects shots were cut by a third. (Source: Variety)
  • The cast of the film includes Jason Isaacs, best known for his role as Lucius Malfoy in the saga of Harry Potter and Captain Gabriel Lorca in the series Star Trek: Discoveryand Hannah Quinlivan appeared in the action movie Skyscraper alongside Dwayne Johnson.

Heavenly Fire – Soundtrack

  • Original film score composed by Pinar ToprakMarvel Universe’s first female composer (Captain Marvel, Marvel 616), fantasy music writer Sleep countryserials star girl AND Kryptonaction comedies lost city and The Wedding Bomb, and is also known for composing the music for the popular video game. Fortnite.
  • “Skyfire” soundtrack produced by renowned producer and music director Yu Fei (800 heroes, Hero of two worlds).
  • The soundtrack included the song “Truly Believe” performed by the singer. Jay Chou who also wrote the music and lyrics (with Vincent Fang).

1. Track 1 5:39
2. Track 2 1:17
3. Track 3 2:46
4. Track 4 1:56
5. Track 5 4:06
6. Track 6 1:30
7. Track 7 1:51
8. Track 8 4:38
9. Track 9 1:51
10. Track 10 2:21
11. Track 11 1:25
12. Track 12 1:23
13. Track 13 5:28
14. Track 14 3:37
15. Track 15 2:15
16. Track 16 3:41
17. Track 17 5:54
18. Track 18 4:21
19. Track 19 5:59
20. Track 20 5:17
21. Track 21 3:13

The “Skyfire” soundtrack is available on Apple Music.

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