SkyWeek, August 27 – September 2 | Top content! Win Time, RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate


Looking for something to see Sky and broadcast on NOW This week? This article lists best programs which will be streamed on the platform over the next seven days. You will find movies, series, entertainment programs and more. Are you ready to enjoy these irreplaceable first visions? Which of these games will you be following with the most interest? Let us know at Comments!

SkyWeek, August 27 - September 2 |  Top content!  Win Time, RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate SkyWeek, August 27 - September 2 |  Top content!  Win Time, RTL 102.5 Power Hits Estate

Among the most anticipated news of the next week on the Sky channel, we note the second season of the series. Win Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, broadcast on Sky Atlantic and NOW, which tells the story of the Los Angeles Lakers dynasty in the 1980s. Don’t miss Detective Marlowe, airing on Sky Cinema Uno and NOW, starring Liam Neeson as the iconic private detective created by Raymond Chandler.

Two great musical events will be broadcast in the arena of Verona on Sky Uno and NOW, dedicated to the most popular songs on the radio in Italy. In particular, RTL 102.5 Power hits of summer airing Tuesday, August 29, will be a true celebration of the songs that have dominated radio play, culminating in a Summer 2023 Power Hit. The next day Radio Zeta Future Hits Live 2023, which will be broadcast on Wednesday, August 30, will see on stage the artists who, with their music, have become the protagonists of Italian radio.

SkyWeek, August 27 - September 2 |  Top content!  Win Time, RTL 102.5 Power Hits EstateNow you can watch Sky Sports live streaming!
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From Monday, August 28 at 21:15 on Sky Atlantic and NOW, also available on request.
The series’ second season is based on sportswriter Jeff Perlman’s book Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty, which continues to explore the professional and personal lives of the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers without forgetting the sports disputes with other teams (primarily with the Celtics). The new episodes explore the aftermath of the 1980-1984 Finals, culminating in the first professional rematch of the era’s biggest stars: Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

From Monday, August 28 at 21:15 on Sky Cinema Uno and streaming on NOW, also available on request.
Liam Neeson returns to the screen the iconic private detective created by writer Raymond Chandler in Sky Original, a 1930s film noir starring Diane Kruger and Jessica Lange directed by Academy Award winner Neil Jordan. Private detective Philip Marlow is hired to find the former lover of a glamorous heiress. It seems to be an open and closed case, but Marlowe soon finds herself on the wrong side of the Hollywood film industry and unknowingly gets caught in the crossfire of a legendary actress and her subversive, ambitious daughter. At 21.45 also at Sky Cinema Collection – Liam Neeson Mania, also available on demand in 4K.

The two events will take place on Tuesday 29 August and Wednesday 30 August on Sky Uno, streaming on NOW (also available on demand) and free-to-air on TV8.
Summer of music for RTL 102.5 and Radio Zeta! Italy’s first radio vision and radio of the Zeta generation arrive at the arena of Verona for two special events: Power Hits Estate and Future Hits Live, during which artists who have been protagonists of Italian radio will take the stage with their music. On Tuesday, August 29, Power Hits Estate on RTL 102.5 will be a true celebration of the songs that have dominated radio airplay, culminating in the awarding of the Power Hits of Summer 2023 title. Zeta, which includes new up and coming music stars and guest stars from the Zeta generation.


From Sunday, August 27 at 21:15 on Sky Cinema Due and streaming NOW, also available on request.
Gabriele Salvatores directs Tony Servillo, Fabrizio Bentivoglio and Sara Serraiocco in the film, based on Arthur Schnitzler’s novel of the same name, which received five Silver Ribbon nominations, including Best Picture. Leo Bernardi is a 63-year-old director who can’t finish his latest film about Giacomo Casanova, who is about to compete at the Venice Film Festival. His editor, Gianni, tries to get him out of his impasse and incipient depression, while Leo is torn between a rivalry with a critically acclaimed young director and a love for Sylvia, a strong-willed and independent peasant girl younger than him. At 21.45 also at Sky Cinema Drama.


Sky Cinema Collection, Monday 28 August to Sunday 3 September.
From Monday, August 28 to Sunday, September 3, Sky Cinema Collection is dedicating programs to actor Liam Neeson on the occasion of the premiere of Sky Original DETECTIVE MARLOW (Monday 28 at 21:15 on Sky Cinema Uno and at 21:45 on Sky Cinema Collection). Among the 17 films included in the program, we highlight: two other Sky Original action movies: the adrenaline-fuelled HONEST THIEF and BLACK LIGHT with Aidan Quinn; Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster “SCHINDLER’S LIST”, which won seven Oscars; fantasy diptych based on Greek mythology “BATTLE OF THE TITAN” and “RAGE OF THE TITANS” with Sam Worthington and Ralph Fiennes; and the action movies PERFECT GAME with Dan Stevens, RUN ALL NIGHT with Ed Harris, MAN ON THE TRAIN – JOIN with Vera Farmiga, and UNKNOWN – NO PERSONALITY with Diane Kruger and Bruno Gantz. The titles are also available in the On Demand collection.


From Tuesday, August 29 at 21:15 on Sky Cinema Uno and streaming on NOW, also available on request.
Romantic comedy with a great cast led by Monica Bellucci, Carole Bouquet, Suzanne Clement and Nicolas Bedos. Six couples are trying to explore their fantasies and hidden sides of intimate life. What can give them pleasure? From willful abstinence to exhibitionism, their six stories focus on desire, how to get it, and how to get it.

Tuesday, August 29 at 7:45 pm on Sky Documentaries and streaming on NOW, also available on request.
Saudi women are celebrating the freedom that comes with being behind the wheel when they are allowed to drive legally for the first time in 2018. The documentary presents the reality of a Saudi driving school in the capital Riyadh, which is considered the largest driving school in the world and is exclusively aimed at women. Among the main characters is Sarah Saleh, a car dealership saleswoman who takes driving lessons for the first time in the hopes of finally owning her own car. Shahad al-Humaizi, a car-sharing driver, sees lifting the ban as the first step towards women’s empowerment. Amjad Al-Amri, an engineering student and pilot who dreams of winning the world championship. Using interviews and unpublished footage, this documentary opens our eyes to the conditions these recalcitrant women live in and draws attention to their hope for greater freedom by challenging their country’s gender stereotypes.


Sky Cinema Due Wednesday 30th August to Saturday 9th September Primetime and Late Night DA LEONI FILM Collection
On the occasion of the Venice Film Festival 2023, which will take place from 30 August to 9 September, Sky Cinema Due is offering a program of 16 award-winning films from previous editions, including the premiere of TÁR scheduled for early September, in which protagonist Cate Blanchett received the Volpi Cup 2022. To these, on Thursday, August 31 at 21.15, a film presented in competition at the Venice Film Festival 2021 “SPENCER” is added to pay tribute to Lady Diana on the day of her disappearance. Among the films of the review are not to be missed: the adaptation of Jack London’s novel “MARTIN EDEN” with Luca Marinelli, who was awarded the Volpi Cup in 2019; a story inspired by the life of director Claudio Noce, “PADRENOSTRO” with Pierfrancesco Favino, also winner of the 2020 Volpi Cup; director Luca Guadagnino’s 2023 Silver Lion-winning film, BONES AND ALL, starring 2023 Mastroianni Award winner Taylor Russell, Timothée Chalamet and Mark Rylance; 2019 Grand Jury Prize winner Roman Polanski’s “Officer and Spy” with Jean Dujardin and Louis Garrel; Damien Chazelle’s musical LA LA LAND, which won six Oscars with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, winner of the 2016 Volpi Cup; Darren Aronofsky’s 2008 Golden Lion in Venice film The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke; ‘GOD’, a drama by Kim Ki-duk, 2012 Golden Lion winner; and SOMEWHERE by Sofia Coppola (The Golden Lion, 2010). And again: FILOMENA with Judi Dench (Best Screenplay 2013); MASTER (“Silver Lion 2012” – Paul Thomas Anderson and Volpi Cup – Joaquin Phoenix); “CHILDREN OF A MAN” by Alfonso Cuarón (Osella Award, 2006 for the best cinematography); THE MURDER OF JESSE JAMES BY THE CORON BY ROBERT FORD (Volpi Cup 2007, Brad Pitt); SEA IN (2004 Silver Lion and Volpi Cup to Javier Bardem); GIOVANNA’S FATHER (2008 Volpi Cup – Silvio Orlando); and GOOD THINGS (Silver Lion, 1990, to Martin Scorsese). The titles are also available in the On Demand collection.

Wednesday, August 30 at 21.15 on Sky Arte and streaming on NOW, also available on request.
Six months after their first triumphal visit to the US, the Beatles returned to the US for their first real North American tour. Beginning in August 1964 in San Francisco, they toured the country, playing to half a million fans, setting records for their concerts and causing mass hysteria wherever they went. By the time the tour wrapped up in New York City in September, they had played 32 shows at 25 venues in 24 cities – all in just 31 days. This documentary captures the music, chaos and madness of this vibrant tour with rare archival footage. We will witness their arrival at airports, hotel takeovers, press conferences and concerts. We will hear the speeches of their most ardent fans and at the same time we will witness the most direct and frank criticism. Let’s relive the emotions of the days when four boys from Liverpool captured our hearts and minds, making their voices echo across America. We will understand why, after almost fifty years, their music still has a strong influence on new generations of musicians and producers. The evening dedicated to this famous band will continue with the songs of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper&Beyond and In India with The Beatles.


From Saturday 2 to Friday 8 September on Sky Documentaries +1 and streaming NOW, also available on request.
Sky Documentaries +1 dedicates a week of programs to revealing the colors, aromas, flavors and stories behind every product on the market.
Food Markets – Profumi E Sapori A Km Ø describes the markets present in cities from Turin to Barcelona, ​​from Florence to Riga, from Lisbon to Helsinki, from Bergen to Valencia. The series tells the stories that lie behind every product on the shelves of the market, and introduces us to their places of origin. In each issue, we will find descriptions of local products that are sold on the market, how they are produced and how they are used in the kitchen, depending on their seasonality.


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