Slap Enzo Ferrari: He would never allow such a car

The founder of the House of Modena had very strict rules regarding his jewelry. Here is the Ferrari that made a splash.

Throughout its history, Enzo Ferrari has created a brand unique in the world. Passion can lead a man to success by putting inimitable values ​​in the foreground. With exceptional spirit Drake created iconic cars who embodied his character. The DNA has also been carried over to some models in the current line.

Ferrari, unacceptable Enzo
Enzo Ferrari (Ansa)

Enzo attended motor racing in 1908. he was fascinated by mechanics. He personally descended into the cockpit of the first racing cars to fulfill his dream of competing at the highest level. His mother had other plans for him, and so after FIAT’s refusal, he began to work on a personal project.

After the experience gained at Alfa Romeo, Enzo created a factory in Modena, which in a few years became “Made in Italy” symbol. One of his favorite cars (and the last one released before his death on August 14, 1988) is Ferrari F40. Later, in the extreme supercar segment, the F50 e was launched. the legendary Enzo.

Ferrari, unacceptable Enzo

The car was presented for the 55th anniversary of the Modenese company in 2002 with a circulation of only 400 units. Michael Schumacher also worked on the project. Five-time World Champion with the Reds in Formula 1. At the Paris Motor Show in October 2002, he took everyone’s breath away. An old-fashioned supercar without aesthetic extremes.

Piero Ferrari and Enzo
Piero Ferrari next to Enzo (Ansa)

The car should have been dubbed the F60, but they preferred to pay tribute to the founder. In the photo above, you can see Piero Ferrari next to a flaming red Enzo. Supercar sped away from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.65 seconds. Acceleration from 0 to 200 km / h took less than 10 seconds. The maximum speed was about 350 km / h. Under the hood of the Enzo was a 65-degree naturally aspirated V12 engine called the F140 B, center-mounted with 5998 cc, producing 660 horsepower at 7800 rpm and 657 Nm at a compression ratio of 11.2:1.

The car was a concentrate of advanced technology of the time. The use of carbon fiber has made its way, while the suspensions were double four-sided deformable both front and rear. For Enzo black Ferraris were sacrilege. In fact, one of the first was an all-black Testarossa donated by Ferlaino, the former president of Naples, to Maradona, but it was made in the secondary market.

An extremely rare copy of the Enzo sold at Sotheby’s was made in a special Matte Black livery. In the Fipeux YouTube channel video, a black Enzo can be seen on the streets of Monaco. This is an exclusive model that left the workshops of Ferrari on October 15, 2004. Black color, chosen by a member of the Brunei royal family, gives a certain effect to the car, which we usually see only in classic Ferrari red. At the time of the auction, the Enzo had only 5,730 kilometers on the odometer.

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