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Tijuana, BC.- Due to the cancellation of flights following the contingency for the coronavirus at the global level, citizens are literally sleeping in the Tijuana airport waiting for the reprogramming of their travel.

Estela Hernandez, for example, spent 18 hours waiting for your flight to come out to Lion and is your original itinerary could not be materialised because very few people showed up to address.

“Because you gathered anything over 50 people, that’s why it went the plane, but I told him that it was better for the people to go separately, not to go piled up, in a separate seating, I booked two months in advance, and here there is more risk of contagion,” said mrs. Wake, woman of the third age.

Photo: Jose Ibarra

Although not given an official position, employees of the various airlines mentioned that it is difficult to reschedule the flights with time due to cancellations are emerging on the basis of users that are presented in the rooms of boarding.

Before this scenario, in different areas of the airport, it is common to see people sleeping in chairs or on the floor and you have to wait for them to confirm their exit, bringing passengers from other cancelled flights to the same destination.

“We went out yesterday in the morning, but right now we were told that we will depart at 1:15 towards Culiacan, I’m from Oakland and I traveled to San Diego to cross over to Tijuana, and from here travel to Sinaloa, many hours of confinement, and prefer better to pass them at home but with my family,” mentioned Nicholas Esparza.

On the part of the airport filters health continue to take place throughout the day where Health authorities with the support of the Army reviewed the travelers do not have a fever or any other symptom of respiratory disease.

“We have a thermal camera, we detected the temperature of the entire room and has a kind of alarm flashing when someone is close to 40 degrees celsius, any person who has above 37.5 the pass to the office where by means of the mercury thermometer which is more accurate we will evaluate it again,” said Antonio Benitez, a Radiologist from the ministry of Health.

Photo: Jose Ibarra

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