Sleep well: what fabrics improve the quality of sleep?

Sleep well: what fabrics improve the quality of sleep?

Summer is coming, the scorching heat is coming, and many people complain of sleep problems and cannot Good night. High temperatures, heat and lack of air make some nights unbearable, which negatively affects well-being, productivity and mood. But how can you improve the quality of your sleep? One of the best ways to relax is to choose more suitable fabrics. Thus, the experts Dalfiloinnovative start-up in the home linen sector, tell us what are the characteristics and properties of each fabric and why choose them to guarantee us quality sleep.

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Percale, breathable effect

It is a material obtained by processing cotton, combining the density of pure cotton with an intangible texture. percale cotton it is a particularly fine fabric derived from cotton, but with finer and finer yarns, with a technology that ensures a perfect perpendicularity between warp and weft. Durable and lightweight, the dense texture gives it a medium weight, keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. This is very breathable, thermoregulating and light on the skin, adaptation to any season.

Cotton, soft hugs

pure cotton, 100% made in Italy, a high quality product, enveloping and pleasant to the touch, but more affordable than satin and percale, affecting the degree of comfort and feeling of softness. It is a breathable and durable fiber that reduces the reproduction of microbes and microbes harmful to the body and does not cause irritation.

Satin, timeless elegance

Precious and elegant cotton satin, especially recognizable by its brilliance and obtained as a result of a special processing of cotton. It is made from a thick canvas that gives the fabric its characteristic bright sheen and quality that lasts over time. Its yarn consists of natural cotton, so the body comes into contact with organic and delicate fibers. Satin also gives a very pleasant feel to the touch. The tight weave gives these sheets a unique look. softness on the skin, reminiscent of silk. Ideal for sunburn.

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