slim face and high cheekbones without surgery

Let’s set up an appointment between the Oscars in Los Angeles and the Met Gala in New York. yes why alessandra riczzi, an almost secret address in Milan with a suite overlooking the spiers of the Duomo, is home to one of the most sought-after facialists in the world. Ask Dua Lipa who took her photo, watch @alessandraricchizzi as she frames her face thanks to the touch of bionic fingers that famous lifting glove. Alessandra’s Super Facial is a one-of-a-kind experience, like a face workout from both the outside and the inside. After preparing the skin with an exfoliation, Alessandra performs thermal stimulation with an infrared handpiece and a super relaxing massage with an acupressure effect device on the eyelids while applying the mask. The highlight of the energizing facial is a powerful stimulation with the hands in the cheek area and a buccal massage that unlocks – in my case – sleepy muscles in three short strokes. Result: sore, slightly but very high cheekbones and two puffy, full cheeks, as if I had undergone an aesthetic medical operation. Mild soreness lasts for a few days, feels like when you go to the gym and the next day you have muscle soreness that you are not aware of. Final touch, dusting of diamond dust. I would definitely “recall”.

Enter gym mode to lift cheekbones and plump cheeks. Workouts are done like this: Targeted therapy and self-generated exercises, even in front of the PC.

I go to the gym (almost) every day, so why not work on my facial muscles too? I followed the advice, watched the video and read the book face training (Feltrinelli) by Veronica Rocca the creator of a patented method that provides a personalized face training routine to those who subscribe to the platform. “Some muscles need to be stimulated, others need to be relaxed because they are used so much during our day with facial expressions,” says Veronica. «Then we also need to strengthen all those slightly lazy muscles with postural exercises, because as anatomy teaches, all organs are connected and to improve the face it is unimaginable what is happening elsewhere, especially on neck and shoulders. Workouts last five to twelve minutes so there’s no excuse! Some exercises don’t even involve the use of hands, they are perfected in front of the computer. For example, I call one “happy old lady” and it involves trying to smile without showing your teeth, bringing the corners of your mouth up. It works to stimulate the tone of the muscles of the cheekbones and can be done anywhere ». If you see a woman in a car queuing up at a traffic light, it’s probably me.

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