Slimane overwhelmed by a message from Gilbert Montagne… which he did not expect!


A very nice attention!

Slimane is very active on Instagram. And it must be said that it often makes the buzz! We remember this cliche, which last December had panicked the Web. By unveiling his new dress style, his followers had retained only one detail of this publication: his “package” which appeared imposing.

“It makes a big package, isn’t it?”, “It makes you dream”, “We only see that!”, “It reassures me, I remembered that in the outfit”, “We have all seen it! “,” Big cock “,” Beautiful exposed beam “,” Belt problem “, could we read here and there in the comments. We can no longer blame them for not looking into detail.

We change the register and we go through the emotion box. Slimane shared a video of Gilbert Montagne on which we see the artist speaking to the BFF of Vitaa: “Hi Slimane, it made me very happy to listen to this little teaser that you made for” The blues of you “q” e you’re going to give us all of this on January 25th. It touches me, it really makes me happy, and well done for everything you do. “


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 A moving video that Slimane shared on his Instagram account. Indeed, the singer revealed in the show The Voice, unveils one cover per month to his fans, and this month, it is a song by Gilbert Montagne. In any case, his fans are eager to discover his performance in full.