SMADRI’s new single “Baby” from Music, Cosenza to be released on June 30 on all digital channels

Images Music, Available June 30 All Digital "Child" New single from Cosenza Esmadri

June 29, 2023 at 4:41 pm

Baby will release across all digital stores on June 30, 2023: Single Buy mothers, pseudonym of simone madrigrano, Calabrian artist born in Cosenza. He delved into the world of music with hip hop and started writing songs at a very young age, inspired by his ideals. At the age of 13 he published his first song and at the same time started participating in freestyle competitions. He then comes into contact with Blodi4 (a Comasco artist), with whom a seminal artistic collaboration is born that marks his debut.

In 2018, SMadri approached Officine 33 Giri, beginning her collaboration with artist and producer Joe Santelli. In May 2023, this collaboration consolidated and led to the production of their first single: “Baby”.


Baby is a refreshing song, with typical summer references. Written on a summer night, the song is inspired by personal events.


Recorded entirely at the Officine 33 Giri in Cosenza, this song tells us about summer love and its romantic and sensual qualities. The text uses an effective symbolism that allows you to easily associate the images with the words you hear.


Thanks to Joe Santelli’s arrangement, the piece sounds fresh and sad at the same time: musically it belongs to a modern style that blends trap and hip hop but, unlike what happens in this style, it consists entirely of instruments played by a single producer and arranger. Therefore, this is a project that sidesteps beatmaking to respond to the precise artistic need of creating the right sounds to sing with one’s own mind.

The chorus is inspired by one of the most famous songs by Justin Bieber, the artist/guide of the young singer from Cosenza.

The song in mp3 format, the song’s cover and a picture of Niyar is attached.

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