Smartphone-Surface-Duo Present More Quickly


EXACTLY.CO., Microsoft is rumored to launch the device Smartphone Surface Duo set earlier than that of the company. Planned earlier, at the end of this year, coinciding with the holiday season.

TechRadar, Sunday (1/3/2020), the change in the Start-up plan and time schedule reports Smartphone Surface, the Duo set the device for at least later than the beginning of may next year.

Some Sources basic, Microsoft reported the introduction of the surface Duo early, to avoid the release of gadgets 4G in the middle of the launch of the device 5G the end of this year.

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Be aware, some providers Smartphone the world is better Samsung or Apple, the introduction is planning a Smartphone 5G flagship at the end of this year. Microsoft must at an early stage, the Duo started for the surface.

What the company has supposedly completed, some updates will run on the surface of the Duo The Android 10.

This device is also equipped with some additional adjustments and updating of software with the performance of the Snapdragon processor 855. But the lack of supported connectivity 5G.