Snack (2023) Stefan Brize

Snack (2023) Stefan Brize


Mathieu and Alice, former lovers, have not seen each other for some time: he is fifty years old, he is a famous actor living in Paris, she is a little over forty, she is a piano teacher, lives in a seaside town in the west of France. The two fell in love with each other fifteen years ago and then broke up; Since then, the wounds have healed and everyone went their own way. However, when Mathieu goes to the spa away from the hustle and bustle of the city, hoping to alleviate his longing, he also accidentally finds Alice…


Original name: Snack
Director: Stefan Brize
Country/year: France / 2023
Duration: 115′
Type: Dramatic
Throw: Alba Rohrwacher, Guillaume Canet, Sharif Andura, Emmy Boissard Pomel
Screenplay: Stefan Brize, Marie Drucker
Music: Vincent Delerme
Director: Sidonie Dumas
Production house: Gaumont Production, France 3 Cinema

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