Sneakers fall 2023: trends and top models

Every year in September the question is the same. What will they be like? sneakers fall 2023 that they will become a fetish for celebrities and fashionistas and therefore we will see them everywhere? The media attention that lace-up sports shoes receive is not at all surprising. Because it is a universal, practical, convenient accessory. And often with more affordable prices than other types of shoes.

But not only. There’s even more universal than expected. Capable of highlighting the most romantic and feminine outfit. Or add a cool touch to everyday life. With glimpses into the past, sophisticated offerings, quirky collaborations and vegan brands, there really is something for every taste.

Operation nostalgia

The nostalgic trend that brought back famous models of the past into fashion does not seem to be taking a step back. Adidas Samba they continue to be loved by celebrities and are available in new, very attractive colors. Same concept for Onitsuka Tiger. The brand specializes in brand new futuristic creations such as Dentigrebut also historical ones, such as Mexico 66 they regain a second youth and are therefore offered again in new, attractive colours.

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And there is a new one that has just entered the market. Air Jordan 1 Praline for women from Nike, a reissue of the Michael Jordan classic, but in fine sorbet leather and satin laces. Finally, all eyes are also on the sneakers Autrya brand founded in 1982 and then relaunched by a group of fans of the brand thanks to its vintage charm.

sneakers autumn 2023 Copenhagen str F23 0275 copy

Returning to the spotlight last season, the Adidas Sambas continue to be a very strong trend even among the Fall 2023 sneakers (photo by Spotlight Launchmetrics).

New collaboration

But what makes sneakers so attractive in the first place cooperation which lead to the creation limited editions. And which each time unite two distant universes. Result? Iconic objects that drive sneakerheads and others crazy. So much so that they are becoming highly sought after and photographed on the feet of those who love fashion. Until now, the trend for sports brands has been to collaborate with big names in the fashion world. But now things look a little different. We tend to prefer cooler and niche brands. Which therefore better suit the tastes of young people and professionals. Among the things that are causing the most buzz lately are sneakers. Adidas Original x Wales Bonneramong the favorites Leandra Medine Cohen. So Asics x Cecily Bahnsen, Gunny x New Balance AND Nike x Martin Rose.

Sneakers fall 2023, Leandra Medine Cohen

Trendsetter Leandra Medine Cohen immediately became a great adidas x Wales Bonner sneaker maker (Instagram photo @leandramcohen)

Designer models

Even big brands they continue to offer their sneakers. A more luxurious and sophisticated version, often featuring fine leather and eccentric details. Christian Louboutin this season bets on Astroloby with stylistic features of the 90s. Marnie brings it into play Big foot 2.0 which attracts attention with its soft nappa leather upper, chunky sole and playful unisex vibe. But the sneaker that has already started to attract more customers than others is the new one. Orbit From Bottega Veneta. The famous woven motif, a symbol of the House, is reworked and becomes an integral part of the design of this technical mesh shoe, versatile and unisex. Which has already made you fall in love Hailey Bieberrecently spotted in a Bottega Veneta look consisting of a slip dress, Sardine shoulder bag and Orbit on her feet.

Fall 2023: Hailey Bieber Bottega Veneta sneakers

top model Hailey Bieber was photographed wearing a Bottega Veneta total look and Orbit sneakers on her feet (photo courtesy of the press service)

Vegan and eco-friendly sneakers

But when it comes down to it sneakers fall 2023 Not to mention the growing number of brands offering alternatives. vegan and sustainable. Here we focus on recycled or exclusively plant-based materials.

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Among the most beloved names in the fashion world? Stella McCartney is in the lead, which in the fall season brought fur models made from Alter Mat and recycled polyester to the catwalk. He’s being watched closely Vezha AND Chloe.


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