Sneakers under the coat. Jill Biden surprised with a trendy combination on a walk with dogs

Jill Biden went for a walk with the dogs (Photo: Jacquelyn Martin / Pool via REUTERS)

46th US President Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden have moved to the White House with their dogs.

On Sunday, two domestic dogs of the new President of the United States and his wife, the German shepherds Champ and Major, arrived at the White House from Delaware. On Monday morning, the first lady took them for a walk in the park, where they frolicked to their heart’s content.

Jill Biden announced that the dogs have finally joined the owners on her Twitter.

Fashion experts closely follow each new first lady’s exit and noted with satisfaction that Biden went for a walk simply and at the same time stylishly dressed. The 69-year-old woman pleased the trendy combination in casual clothes – a black midi coat, black leggings, and sneakers.

Jill Biden with Champ / Photo: Adam Schultz / White House / Handout via REUTERS

Eagle-eyed netizens immediately determined that the sneakers worn by Jill Biden were created by the Swiss sports shoe brand On Running. And on the hand – a gold Cartier watch.

Photo: Adam Schultz / White House / Handout via REUTERS
Photo: Adam Schultz / White House / Handout via REUTERS

Recall that on January 20, the inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden took place in the United States. On the day of the ceremony, Jill Biden appeared in two looks. By day it was a blue ensemble embroidered with pearls and Swarovski stones by designer Alexander O’Neill of the Markarian brand, and in the evening it was a white ensemble with embroidery by Uruguayan-born designer Gabriella Hirst, who became the art director of the Chloe brand.

Analyzing the taste preferences of the new first lady, fashion experts call her style conservative.