Sneaky Cessana Racecourse, Trot Thursday with Big David Scuderia Prize

With day nine of the trot season at Sneaky Cessana Racecourse on Thursday evening 29 June, and the new curriculum dedicated to families and children, which, since the beginning of the evening meetings, is slowly gaining popularity and being appreciated. The ‘Piccolo Pesce dei Balocchi’, in fact, now attracts young visitors with various recreational and entertainment activities, even in contact with animals. A tremendous mix, thanks also to the entertainment staff who are always on hand to welcome the public to the various play areas set up for the occasion.

On the track, on the other hand, there is a very different atmosphere in which the adrenaline is felt right there, while the passions heat up in the grandstand and parterre. Thursday’s program consisted of seven races, always of excellent quality, all on track from 20:15Even though it is preceded by a qualifying test for years 2 and 3 at 7.45 pm (whereas the public test is after the 5th race).

The central proof is the Scuderia Big David Award, is reserved for three-year-old females who have not won €12,000 in their careers over a mile and of the seven contenders we try with guest Evita Tunes who has the qualities to emerge and Efra a strong but Often focus on the wrong topic. , We indicate Eiffel Wise Edge for good placement.

In Sub-Clu again three-year-old horses are heroes of the Scuderia Capolone awardand, a maiden over the mile in which Eva Doctor tries to overcome the uncomfortable qualification of a non-winner in the twenty-sixth race of her career and after eighteen placements and Sheeran Arre fears if a good number of launches and given on the day In one place we try with Eva dei Grappi. There is also the second round of the Cessana Trophy, interrupted by an invitation starting from the tape, in which Danilo Aggi proposes himself for a trio of successes, regardless of the number in the second row.

In Category E for the Scuderia Lord Award, which ends the night at Cessana, we count on the speedy Face S, Initially used to fast subject matter and other contexts so is ready to win after two good comeback races. Mighty Akil Cafe would be the first choice of favourite. But let’s take a closer look at a full day of trotting at the Sneaky Cessana Racecourse.

Inauguration of the meeting with the Premio Scuderia Iacpo e AzzurraA trial reserved for 5 and 6 years of ownership with Gentleman heroes in Saluki where Brigante Risaya in excellent shape and with the best numbers can try to win over Chanel dei Colli who are strong but will start on the outside of the front row ChrisLen can make it a surprise for at least one class.

After so many placements and good performances, it’s time for Eva Doctor to win the first race of her career, even if the second row number doesn’t help her. In this Premio Scuderia Capolone, the strongest rival would be Ed Sheeran Aere who was well prepared at the start and fully focused on Eva dei Grappi.

Very balanced race in the Fratelli Panatoni Agri Company Awards, where there are a number of individuals who could aim for the win, starting with the recently ill-fated Dynamite but equipped with the means to pick up a win over Donnaz, a rising dynasty with Risho and a challenging opening number in this period. Surprise dollar baby who has the wherewithal to do good.

As already mentioned, the center stage of the evening is reserved for the Big David Scuderia Prize for good three-year-old females over one mile., where the prediction is somewhat uncertain given the balance of values ​​in the region. Let’s try with guest Evita Tunes who showed the good things about Aphra, a subject who has good means but is often dishonest, while Eiffel Wise Age is fine for a good placement.

NoEl Trofeo Cessana (second round), Gray Danilo AG is proposed for a trio after two good wins on the track Well in a period of successes despite numbers on the second row on Darwin dei Grappi and Douglas Fiore who has favorable numbers to stay ahead of opponents. Last but not least, the Vitalina Awards, in which the category G for the elderly subjects on the mile sees the underdogs for guest Ben Hur LL, a quality to everyone’s awe if he parades in the lead immediately without great expense. Focus on caution as the subject and well positioned Artus MJs are in the race for good placements. Surprised UB Boko Sm with indeterminate size.

Category E ends with a beautiful and qualitative finale for the Scuderia Lord award, where Speedy Face S looked set to win after coming back with several second places in two good races, taking advantage of his immense early pace. A formidable opponent will be Achille Kaif who is going strong but will start at five while Cabras de Casey is in good shape for a class and has a chance. The next appointment is for Saturday 1 July.


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