Sniper: Unauthorized Mission – plot, trailer and cast of the film by Oliver Thompson

To end human trafficking, a CIA agent teams up with unthinkable partners.

Sky Cinema One HD offers tonight, starting at 21.15, thriller Sniper: Unauthorized Mission. The film, directed by Oliver Thompson, was released in 2022 and was originally called Sniper: Rogue Mission. Let’s find out the plot of the film, as well as the main components of the cast (with the corresponding character brought to the stage).

The plot, trailer and cast of “Sniper: Unauthorized Mission”

The cast of the story trailer

Brandon is the main character Sniper: Unauthorized Mission. By profession, he is a CIA agent, highly respected among colleagues and leaders. The ability to pull himself out of the worst of situations through a combination of on-pitch skills and an innate sixth sense has propelled him up several milestones in his career. Reputation precedes this and when it’s time to trust something forbidding missions, he is one (if not the first) name in the list. Instead of feeling afraid, difficult tasks stimulate him to give all his best. However, the latest commissioned works were more difficult than expected.

The cast of the story trailer

How human trafficking even innocent boys who are not related to the underworld are walking around the country, the heads of the department decide to contact him. As usual, Brandon follows orders, but is aware of the pitfalls of the operation: just a minimal mistake and he’s screwed. Circumstances will push to request the arrival of reinforcements, including former members of the special forces and not only. Below we offer you Official Trailer From Sniper: Unauthorized Missionbroadcast tonight, starting at 21.15, on Sky Cinema Uno HD:

main face Sniper: Unauthorized Mission AND Chad Michael Collinsas Brandon Beckett. They complete throw (playable character name in brackets): Ryan Robbins (Agent Zeke “Zero” Rosenberg), Sayaka Akimoto (Lady Death), Dennis Haysbert (Colonel), Brendan Sexton III (Gildy), Jocelyn Hadon (Mary Jane), CindyMarie Small (Shelly) Gorfein).

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