Snoop Dogg, scorching heat: nausea in the hall

The Snoop Dogg concert ends with the intervention of firefighters and fixes as many as 16 diseases among the audience.

Americans call it third degree… It means that Fahrenheit, which differs from degrees Celsius by a three-digit number. 100 degrees Fahrenheit means at least 40 degrees, which with humidity can even become a perceived 45-50 degrees, a huge amount, especially if you’re attending a concert.

Snoop Dogg’s concert “White Heat”

In the United States the heat of the last days which particularly affected the southern states, especially Alabama, Texas and Tennessee, was deadly. If in some parts of the country there were very heavy downpours and tornadoes that caused great damage and even several victims, then in Texas, dozens of people were forced to be treated in hospitals with heat and sunstroke.

Among them too numerous guests at a Snoop Dogg concert planned Houston With Wiz Khalifa. The weather forecast announced one of the hottest days of the year. The organizers of the evening prepared themselves portions of water and more security personnel and assistance to the audience in case of need. But the balance was almost dramatic. Sixteen people have to be hospitalized all because of the extreme heat.

Sixteen diseases in the crowd

Firefighters from Atascocita arrived at the scene with specialized equipment and personnel. Q&A on social media between security personnel dealing with The Woodlands Pavilion And Dog Father who personally thanked all the firefighters on social networks: “We’ve got your back, Snoop” write firefighters with a photo taken inside the building.

Snoop Dogg Tour driven by heat and sickness – Credits ANSA (

Snoop Dogg is back after a very difficult summer season in terms of live performances. The legendary West Coast rapper has canceled all of his meetings with Dr. Dre at the Hollywood Bowl, although it was an artistic and personal choice. Snoop and Dre they wanted to stand in solidarity with the writers’ union on strike against the growing use of artificial intelligence by production companies, television and film studios.

Summer full of heat and sickness

They signed up a few days ago other problems during the Ed Sheeran concert, also in this case there were several illnesses.

As many as 17 people are again forced to seek medical help at the emergency room due to the heat. The situation is the same for a very long tour of Taylor Swift where thousands of people queued up all night and then waited under the hot sun for the gates to open. The singer personally funded the distribution of water and food to fans queuing outside of some stadiums, with people agreeing to queue until 8pm to win seats in places open to the public where there were no reserved seats.

A few weeks ago problems even at Gigi D’Alessio concert due to a fight involving some spectators. About sixty people got much worse. Travis Scott in concert Circus Maximus because of some people who allegedly used pepper spray to pickpocket.

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