Snowy weekend. Sofia Rotaru admired the appearance on a walk with her son

Sofia Rotaru with her son (Photo:

The son of Sofia Rotaru, Ruslan Evdokimenko showed the famous mother in a casual look.

Evdokimenko posted a family photo on his Instagram page. The 50-year-old producer visited his mother and took a selfie during a joint walk.

Mom and son posed against the background of a snow-covered Christmas tree. The artist permanently lives in the area of ​​the village of Pyatikhatki near Kiev in Koncha-Zaspa. “Snowy weekend!” – he signed the frame.

The 73-year-old singer appeared in a casual look – in a pale pink down jacket and a black jumper. Subscribers bombarded the singer with compliments: “Sofia Mikhailovna is amazing”, “Beauty”, “Wonderful”, – they write on the Web.


Recall, Ruslan’s daughter Sonya Evdokimenko is dating 32-year-old Denis Zhadanov, who is vice president of the IT company Readdle. Also earlier, Sofia Rotaru explained why she is against the marriage of her granddaughter