So, Alexis Ren confirms that Noah Centineo itself is the perfect boyfriend


Are you ready to feel a little (a lot) of envy?

The rumors are true people… youNoah Centineo it is a true gem!

Who better to share this news that his girlfriend of 22 years, Alexis Ren. The model could not refrain himself, and to detail how wonderful it is to Centineo, during an interview with E! News in the Revolve Awards 2019.

“It is wonderful,” said Alexis. “Your heart is really genuine. She has a heart of gold and is much more of an idiot in real life”, he added.

As if that wasn’t enough cute, Ren shared that their nights of appointment are also dazzling. “It’s different every time because I’m very spontaneous and he, too,” he said. “It just depends on what you try to do the one for the other. He likes to paint, so I took him to paint once. Just small fun things. We both love art, so I love to do art together.”

“He met my family … it was great,” said the model, about the experience. “My little brother said: ‘Who is this person?’ and I thought, ‘please, you like me. I really like’ “”.

It seems that everything went well, because the celebrity couple is getting stronger. In fact, Ren and Centineo plan to do some “travel together” during the holidays.

And, taking into account the statements of Noah on the E! People’s Choice Awards, this is very serious.