So feel Bella Hadid after the reunion of Gigi and Zayn Malik


Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid maintained a romance with large ups and downs; however, the couple has driven the rumors of a possible reconciliation after they were seen together at the birthday of the singer, and in another couple of days.

Some fans have expressed various opinions, because they consider that Zayn suffered a little in that regard, but it seems that the family of the model says the opposite. We tell you what they think Bella Hadid.

According to a report in the portal HollywoodLife, a source close to the sisters explained that Beautiful is happy that both have been reunited, even said that she supports his sister if he really has decided to resume the relationship, because all that matters is that they be happy.

The witness also revealed that the family Hadid would be thrilled with Zaynlet us remember that the singer spent her birthday with Gigi and also held to the mom of the model, or have a good relationship or Zayn is integrated again with the parents of the likely bride.

Until now, nothing has been confirmed, but another source confessed that he is still in love with
Gigi and is committed to this new relationship.
Gigi you already have all the support of her sister and the various photos circulating on the Internet show that she and
Zayn feel comfortable with each other.
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