So he got Jessica Simpson to lose 45 pounds after pregnancy


Six months ago the singer gave birth to her son, and in this time has achieved one of the recoveries postpartum faster of the story: has lost 45 pounds thanks to a diet program and training. She herself was told about it last September when they took a photo in your account of Instagram. In she appeared with a slender body, after having ordered weight based on this diet and your entrenamento staff, something unusual to what we were accustomed to during the pregnancy came to weigh more than 100 kilos.

“I am proud to feel myself again,” commented Simpson. “I chose to work hard even when I thought that it was impossible”. And is that even though I had already gone through two pregnancies, has been in this third party when the worst has past. That’s why decided to contact Harley Pasternak, his trainer of all life, to help him lose weight.

And it was this very person who has told in an interview to the Daily Mail how he managed to lose weight both Jessica Simpson: “it has Not been thanks to the exercises,” he explained. “You don’t lose weight by doing bicep curls or lunges. What you lose by making changes in your diet, working on your power.”

The key of the diet of Jessica Simpson

Pasternak explained that the power that has followed the singer is part of the method, The Body Reset, which basically consists in making three meals and two snacks a day. “Protein, fiber and healthy fats are the pillars”says the expert. That’s why in the diet of Jessica Simpson there have been plenty of eggs, chicken, fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. “You never went hungry, focused on getting what I needed.”

Also has told that the singer was left to complete the alcohol: “I don’t Think I would have had so much success in their transfomación physical if had continued drinking.”

Jessica Simpson for your &number;last pregnancy

Jessica Simpson during their last pregnancy

To 12,000 steps a day to lose weight

The expert has not delved into the specific exercises that made the singer, but yes has had three tricks that helped him to achieve his goals. “We make sure that Jessica would, at least, to 12,000 steps a day before you go to bed, also sleep a minimum of seven hours each night and that is desenganchase of the technology for an hour a day“he explained.

“That’s why I’m a fan of wearing a bracelet fitness, because it is like having your own gym in the wrist”, he concludes.