So is the kickboxing, the training that has helped Ana de Armas to merterse in the shoes of a Bond girl


Ana de Armas is the girl of fashion. Your career is more active than ever this year – if the COVID-19 allows – released up to six movies in which has an important role. In addition, with his nomination for the Golden Globes Best Actress was definitely in the spotlight of Hollywood.

Having this level of work and stay in a market such as the Hollywood requires a lot of physical effort, so it is important to be properly maintained at the physical levelin a way that allows to withstand the intense schedules. In the case of Ana de Armas this has been especially true when he has had to prepare for her role as a Bond Girl in the new movie of 007 ‘No time to die‘that will be released in November of this year.

Ana de Armas celebrated his 32 birthday, accompanied by her inseparable boyfriend, Ben Affleck

The kickboxing to train all the body

One of the exercises that you like playing the actress, and has shared at any time in its profile of Instagram, is the kickboxing. It is a sport that it allows us to train our whole bodybecause it involves both the lower body as the upper.

Usually, the kinds of kickboxing, a practice that combines martial arts with boxingconsist of an hour or an hour and a half of duration in which it starts with a warm-up that works the cardio. After warming up start with the most “hits”, first towards the mirror and then with a sack or partner. The coordination of legs and arms, as well as speed are key in this sport.

In addition, among its benefits are the improvement of the aerobic capacity – whether that is done fairly cardio -a great job of the central area of the body and the core, improving body coordination – essential for the actors – and a reduction of stress levels.

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Ideally, if we want to practice this sport, is to go to any of the gyms specialized that we can find in our cities. However, while that is not possible, we can take a look at the Gym Virtual gym Foxy and Fierce where he teaches Rashad El Amin, the coach of Ana de Armas. They currently have 30 free days, so that may be an excellent option.

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