So it feels Sofia Richie to the desire to have all of that Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian back together


The history of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian seems to not
have an end to some of his followers, and that is despite the fact that currently
the only thing that unites the couple is the custody and parenting of their three children, it seems
some do not lose the hope of seeing them again together.

It is true that on other occasions the couple had already broken
to return to the little time, although on this occasion it appears that the
separation is final. And even though Kourtney is single at the moment, Scott lives
an intense love story with the model Sofia Richie since a little more than
two years ago, indicating that there is no possibility of that reconciliation

However, many of his followers are doing
comment on it, something which it seems that it has started to annoy a little
to Sofia, for what has felt the need to comment. Thus, as has been stated a source close to the model exclusively to HollywoodLife:

“Understand that this happens because all of this come out of their
fans as well who is not surprised by their reactions. Sofia knows that the
relationship between Scott and Kourtney has been very public for years for millions
of people. In addition, they have 3 children in common so that you can understand that the fans
I would like to return. In addition, she has great confidence in herself and
is aware that his relationship with Scott will be more private so people do not
going to know too how it works your life as a couple. You think that if you are exposed
so all can end break down”

We are expectant for see who says Kourtney Kardashian about itand is that as has been seen lately in the reality show ‘Keeping Up With Kardashians’despite the good vibes she has with the girl of your ex (recall that the three have come to go on holiday together), it could be that you still continue feeling something for Scott. In fact, the lord would have decided to wait to take the big step with Sofia so you don’t hurt.