So it has affected the entry and exit of Scott Disick rehabilitation of his relationship with Sofia Richie


This week made public the news that Scott Disick had left a rehabilitation center within a few days of entering after that from the center is it ever leak a picture of it that was taken during his admission. A matter that is already in the hands of their lawyers, who in addition, specified in the press release that they issued, that this income was due to psychological problems and self-esteem, and not to his past addictions to drugs.

Hours after news of his income, his famous ex, and mother of his three children, Kourtney Kardashian, threw a message through their social networks that was to be sent to her daughter, Penelope, telling him that learn from your mistakes. What a pullita to Scott?

And, how it has affected this news to his relationship with Sofia Richie with whom she goes out for years?

Well, according to has informed a source close to the couple E! News, Sofia and Scott are still together and in love. Scott account with all the support of Sofia in their fight against their problems.

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