So lucia Irina Shayk at the age of 14, when he suffered bullying –


The model returned to his adolescence with an image that has revolutionized their fans.

The insulation is doing social networking the best “weapon” for celebrities who, away from the public life take advantage to not lose the loyalty of its fans and followers and surprise them with photos from the past. This is the case of Irina Shayk (34), who shared a photo of when I was a teenager and suffered from bullying by his body.

Although it is one of the models most beautiful in the world and has become an icon of beauty and style, the Russian model load on their backs, a facet dark in his life that he decided to reveal with her fans by posting a fotorafía.

Dressed in a yellow t-shirt that shows your belly button and a pair of bell-light pink, the former of Bradley Cooper poses next to a fountain and with a shy smile. As text a solo, “14”, the age when she posed in front of the camera, one of the stages more complicated of your life because they suffered bullying at school because of their skin colour, more brown than that of their peers.

“When I was little, the boys would make fun of me. He was tall and had darker skin, and bigger lips and calling me a ‘stick’ because she was wearing high heels”, has come to confess in several interviews. “I always wore a skirt, never pants, to go to school, and I said: ‘Look, Stick [palo en inglés] is walking with her high heels!’. It was very sad.”