So on the 1st day of July,


Madrid, 30 mar (EFE).- Santoral for Wednesday, July 1, 2020; Simeon, July, August, Clean, Domitian, and St. Michelle.

The sun comes out tomorrow at 4.48, and goes down to 19.49 (GMT).

The moon comes out tomorrow at 16.03 and goes down to the 1.48 time (GMT).

1861.- The publication of the first issue of the newspaper of the vatican L Observatore Romano.

1867.- Portugal abolished the death penalty for the crimes of the civilians in the country.

1875.- Twenty-two european countries, among them Spain, and the United States signed the Treaty of the Postal Union Generally, the antecedent of the Universal Postal Union (UPU).

1887.- It begins with the assembling of the parisian Eiffel tower.

1903.- The dispute of the first stage of the first edition of the Tour de France, cycling from Paris to Lyon, which was sponsored by the newspaper L’auto.

1904.- They begin to be held in the city of Saint-Louis (Louisiana, USA), and the evidence of the third Olympic Games of the modern era, opened on the 14th of may, and continued until the 23rd of November. Just happened to coincide with the Universal Exposition in that city.

1908.- It begins to be used for the message, S. O. S. ( … – – – … ) in Morse code international signal of distress from the ship, after it had been approved two years prior to the International Convention of radio-telegraphy in Berlin, germany.

1912.- The French National Assembly approved the project of a Protectorate over Morocco after the signing, in march, the Treaty of Fez, where the sultan would yield it to France’s sovereignty.

1916.- It begins with the battle of the Somme, in northern France, which lasted until November, and it was the deadliest of the first World War, with 1.2 million deaths a year.

1917.- Puyi, 11-year-old becomes the first emperor of China, and thanks to the support of the military to Zhang Xun, even though the terms of office of the last chinese emperor of the Qing dynasty lasted for only 12 days.

1921.- That creates a formal, in Shanghai, in china, the Communist Party of China (CPC), which is on the 23rd of the same month, at the time, and in the city, kicks off its first National.

1941.- A television commercial of watches and clocks Bulova-nine seconds prior to a baseball game on NBC, New York city, has become the first issue in a television commercial to get the string, and the guard, their allowances for emissions trading.

1946.- The general staff of the north-american pop Able, the first atom bomb on the Bikini atoll (Pacific ocean), from the 23rd of October, after all of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the second World War, part of operation CrossRoads.

1958.- The christian-democratic Amintore Fanfani, was appointed the chairman of the Council of Ministers of Italy the president of the Republic, Giovanni Gronchi.

1959.- The christian-democratic Heinrich Lübke became the second president of the Federal Republic of Germany, after the withdrawal of the application, the Konrad-Adenauer-stiftung.

1960.- In Somalia, Italian had reached the independence and links it to the territory of Somaliland, which had obtained the five days prior to the the United Kingdom, declaring itself the Republic of Somaliland.

1962.- The proclamation of the independence of the Republics of Burundi and Rwanda, both under the control of belgium.

1963.- The Beatles record “She loves you” and “I’ll get you” in the studios of EMI.

1965.- The Beatles are coming to Spain to give two concerts in Madrid and Barcelona, on 2 and 3, respectively.

1966.- The Spanish tennis player Manuel Santana won the tournament in the Semifinals with a victory in the final, Dennis Ralston, by 6-4, 11-9 and 6-4. The first spaniard to win the Bowl.

1967.- Entry into force of the Treaty establishing the European economic Community or the Treaty on the Merger, which was signed two years ago in Brussels, is establishing a single Council and a single Commission of the European Communities.

1968.- To eliminate the last barriers in customs at the interior of the six countries that formed the European Economic Community (EEC).

.- Many countries, including the USA, the USSR and Great Britain sign the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons (NPT), in order to prevent more countries from accessing this type of weapons, and ensure access to peaceful use of all that power.

1969.- Charles of England, he was the prince of Wales at a ceremony at the castle in Caernarfon.

1976.- Carlos Arias Navarro resigned as the president of the Spanish Government. It happens by Adolfo Suárez (UCD), the first president of the democracy.

1979.- Sony launched the TPS-L2, the first model sold of the ‘Walkman player’, a player, a portable cassette tape.

1987.- Entry into force of the Single European Act amending the Treaties establishing the European Communities and to establish european political cooperation.

1990.- Entry into force of the Treaty of the european Monetary Union, Economic and Social-between the two Germanies, the Deutsche Mark, west (DM) as its official currency.

1991.- The Parliament, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR approves a law to pay, and the privatization of property, which is the key to the reforms in the country.

.- Dissolving the Warsaw Pact, a military alliance of eight nations of eastern Europe after the 36-year-term.

1994.- The historic arrival in Gaza, the PLO leader, Yaser Arafat, after a 27-year-old’s absence from the land of palestine.

.- The Government of Portugal approved the merger on the Body of a European Army, and the Euroejército, participating in the Spanish army, a couple of weeks later at a fashion show in Paris, france.

1997.- Hong Kong becomes a Special Administrative Region under the sovereignty of China after a century and a half of british administration.

.- The Civil Guard gets rid of a hiding place in which the officer of the prison, José Antonio Ortega Lara, after 532 days, hijacked by TERRORISTS, and to release, after 232 days, the owner, Cosme Delclaux.

1998.- The leader of the Party of the union there of northern ireland, David Trimble was elected first minister of Northern Ireland.

1999.- Queen Elizabeth II of England inaugurated the first Parliament in Scotland in 300 years.

.- The European Police office, Europol, which launches officially its activities.

2001.- Resigns as the chief minister of the northern ireland, the protestant David Trimble, the stagnation of the disarmament of the IRA.

2002.- Entry into force of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to prosecute war crimes, crimes against Humanity, and genocide, and whose Statute was adopted at the Rome Conference (1998).

2006.- To enter into force in the Uk, a driving licence for the points, which gives to each driver 12 as a starting point.

2011.- The prince Albert II of Monaco, home to the exnadadora south africa’s Charlene Wittstock.

2012.- Spain won the european Championship in football, beating in the final to Italy (4-0) in Kiev (Ukraine).

2015.- To come into force in Spain of the Law, public Safety, and that of the opposition, qualifying in law “gag”.

2019.- Hundreds of protesters take to Parliament on Hong Kong, in a protest against the draft law on the extradition request due to “excessive” interference in the Future. The protests began in February.



1646.- Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, a philosopher and a scientist.

1723.- Pedro, the Portuguese political and the count of Campomanes.

1824.- Casto Méndez Núñez, navy and Portuguese.

1899.- Charles Laughton, the british actor-the united states.

1902.- William Wyler, a director of the united states.

.- Jose Luis Sert, architect of the Portuguese language.

1909.- – Juan Carlos Onetti, uruguayan writer.

1916.- Olivia de Havilland, american actress.

1917.- Álvaro Domecq Díez, ranching, and the Spanish bullfighter.

1930.- Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, a politician in bolivia.

1931.- Leslie Caron, French actress.

1934.- Sydney Pollack, a director of the united states.

1939.- José Antonio Marina, a pedagogue and a philosopher, and Spanish.

1946.- Carla E. Moscoso Rodriguez, a politician in panama.

1952.- Daniel “Dan Aykroyd, actor, canado-american.

1955.- Li Keqiang, the chinese political.

1961.- Diana Frances Spencer, princess of Wales.

.- Carl Lewis, an athlete of the united states.

1976.- Patrick, after the end, a football player from the netherlands.

1977.- Liv Tyler, american actress.



1860.- Charles Goodyear, the american who invented the vulcanized rubber, and has created the brand name of the tire.

1876.- Mijail A. Bakunin, the anarchist in russia.

1961.- Louis-Ferdinand Céline, French writer.

1964.- According to Julio Casares, lexicographer, and scholar of Spanish.

1974.- Juan Domingo Perón, argentine politician.

1990.- Mario Cabré, actor, singer, and poet of the Portuguese language.

1991.- Michael Landon, an actor and director of TELEVISION of the united states.

1997.- Robert Mitchum, american actor.

1999.- Joshua Nkomo, the artificer, and of the independence of the Country.

2000.- Walter Matthau, american actor.

2001.- He Básov, the Russian physicist, one of the inventors of the laser and won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1964.

2004.- – Marlon Brando, american actor.

2009.- Balthazar Author, writer of the Portuguese language.

.- Karl Malden, american actor.

2016.- Yves Bonnefoy, the French writer.

2017.- Felipe Huarte Baumont, industry, and the first of a businessman kidnapped by the basque terrorist group ETA. TODAY


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