“So only we and Sanremo can improve”

“This is not a concert like many other concerts, and Rai’s presence testifies to it, a rare fact: Sanremo is and there is nothing else of this level on the Italian public service. But we also know that it has Improvements are to be made as far as the RCF Arena is concerned, and these will undoubtedly bring more concerts to Reggio next year”. On the sidelines of the institutional press conference for the Italia Loves Emilia concert, Mayor Luca Vecchi does not hold back from commenting on the potential of the new facility. First, there is pride: “We are facing an important day of music and solidarity where Emilia and Italy are mobilizing for Romagna. But it is also a strong regional promotional event for the city and the province that is perhaps unique. Europe that allows such evenings to be held”.

Then Mayer returns to the arena: “At first, we used to come to Campovolo from time to time and had a desire to build something stable. It took more than 30 years to make this dream a reality. But it was only the first step, considering We realized that this venue needed to be launched in all its complexity. This summer we will have four events including one of a very important nature such as Harry Styles; we believe that every year this arena can take a step forward”.

The subsequent press conference is useful for thanking all the sponsors and giving the official numbers of the concert: “At 6.01 pm we had sold 40,000 tickets for 1.8 million proceeds, which after deducting taxes and SIAE, were entirely donated to culture”. will be donated: thanks also to the coverage offered by our sponsors”, words of Ferdinando Salzano, founder of Friends & Partners, the organizer of the concert.

“It was an epic adventure, a massive effort to put it all together in only 24 days”, referring to the limited time frame since the announcement compared to 4 months for the 2012 charity event in Campovolo. Then the parade of guests, starting with Gianmarco Mazzi, undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, who “thanked the Italian organisers: they are the best in the world” while Governor Bonacini recalled that “the estimated damage in Romagna is 8.8 billion euros, Emilia in 2012″. compared to 12”.

Finally, space for artists, from Emma (“Campavolo is now a solidarity pole”) to Andrea Bocelli, “I spent 5 years in Reggio as a child: I even learned the dialect! An amazing region” An improvement ‘Romagna Mia ‘ a cappella duet with Gianni Morandi on the notes of. Finale for Max Pezzali, who spoke of a duet with Ligabue on the notes of ‘Leggero’: “I grew up not far from here (Pavia, ed) and I know too well the ‘smell of the trenches’ For me it is my point of access”. Sitting on chairs in the first ‘pits’ to cover the 40% filled field, he observes: “After Covid, everything is fine: the biggest impact is not making music. Whether they are sitting, lying down or Stand up, it ain’t doin’ no matter”.

Stephen Chiossi

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