so the daughter of Monica Bellucci made a splash

At first glance it looks like a copy and paste Monica Bellucci. But just stop for a moment to understand Virgin Cassel a slightly more angular profile, like a touch of mischievous arrogance, on Pope Vincent. And he uses it without fear, even flaunting it a bit in the film. beautiful summer (on our screens since August 24), which the director Laura Luchetti based on the famous story Caesar Pavese, stepping on the hand with an arrangement suitable for our time: the writer wanted to depict difficult times (he wrote it in 1940), transferring his excruciating pain of life into the story of two girls. Luchetti adapts the theme to the apparent political correctness of our day: she uses the discomfort of poverty and ignorance to tell (in her words) the transition from adolescence to adolescence through a searchsexual identity.

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Result? One of the two, Amelia (Deva Cassel) is an open bisexual, the second is Ginia (yes, it is Ginia, not Gina, played by Yile Vianello) is a lost sheep who sees in it a kind of guiding star. And Deva Cassel feels at ease, political correctness was a constant mantra in Monica’s mother’s lifestyle: and she, eighteen, is engaged to a model of the same age, Luke Calandrauses it with both hands, without doubting the choice.

Tall, with almost regal lion hair in luxurious curls, she has a decisive and imperious gait, and it’s not for nothing that she is also a model. Genia is supposed to be the main character (nothing is known about Amelia’s life “before the story”), but she faints, begging her friend for attention. We are in 1938, Ginia, together with her brother Severino, a gasman, comes to Turin from the countryside to work, the city dissolves in the colors of summer, evokes little Paris, dreams. Bohemianfascism is in the background, but this does not bother anyone, it is felt only in Mussolini’s speech on the radio.

Ginia works in a tailor shop as a seamstress, Mrs. Gemma, the director, has great respect for her and wants to encourage her innate creativity, today she would be a stylist. Amelia breaks into his life on a festive day, she is the girlfriend of one of the boys, whom they meet on the banks of the Po River for a bite to eat. And Amelia immediately reveals her courage, diving dressed in a small boat, when she reappears, she seems to be naked. She has no problem showing herself without clothes is part of her job, she is a model for some artists. And he introduces them to Ginia: one of them, Rodriguez, is her lover, but she is not faithful to anyone, be it a man or a woman.

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Another, Guido, courts Ginia and eventually she gives herself, at first she is happy because she believes she is loved, disappointment comes when she finds others laughing at her behind her back, they say she is stupid. Because of them, she sleeps little and is late for work, does not concentrate, loses her abilities, she is fired. Amelia consoles her, occasionally covers her with kisses and takes her everywhere with her. They end up in a dance hall where they meet a young and charming doctor who offers them both a drink and then sleeps with Amelia. Ginia feels increasingly lonely and lost, on the second meeting with Guido, she looks at the insect on the wall while they make love. Until Amelia collapses after discovering she has contracted syphilis, she confesses it in desperation. Will they stay together forever?

It is amazing that Virgo Amelia remains dominant even while crying, it feels like she is used to being on stage since childhood, even when she was in her mother’s stomach (2004) and Monica was photographed naked, only in front of her Demmy Moor. And to her daughter, engaged to fashion model Luka Kalandra, the same age, she recommended: “study, work, follow your passions,” but always firmly step on the ground. Sanskrit), you can’t go wrong with one shot: see you soon Netflixin the new version Leopard. The task is Claudia Cardinaledon’t say anything.

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