So trolea Jameela Jamil to other ‘celebrities’ by the activism body | Celebrities, Vips


Tweets irreverent of Jameela Jamil directed to other famous to promote a body image not harmful have become their hallmark. The actress and tv presenter british broke their anonymity in the u.s. industry in 2016, with his role as Tahani Al-Jamil in the series The Good Place of the NBC (also on Netflix). But despite the success of the show, which recently renewed its fourth season, and his recent signing to present the program Misey Index (TBS), the name Jameela is hogging headlines for having been erected as a representative of the activism body attacking strong wherever the tag appears #sponcon (sponsored content) and it advertises some product that promises miracle diets, such as smoothies laxatives or polemics lollipops saciantes promoted by Kim Kardashian. As a twist to the character that has lifted, girl well obsessed with his image, his ‘real self’ based his talk on defending a positive image of the body, free of charges, pressures or Photoshop. “I was the teenager who was killed from starvation during years, they spent all their money on these miracle cures and laxatives and tips from celebrities on how to maintain a weight lower than my body wanted. I was sick”she wrote in a tweet, explaining the origin of their struggle.

Their ultimate aim of trolling vigilante has been Cardi B. The rapper posted on Instagram a video announcing a drink detox and Jameela went to Twitter to point out bluntly: “God, I hope that all these celebrities do shit over in public the same way that the poor women who buy these trifles thanks to your recommendation. As if the reality of what to take. It’s just that they need more money”, satirised. And the response of Cardi B was soon in coming: “I’m Never going to do that because there are public restrooms … and … oh, the bushes”. Jamil, demonstrating that we do not impose the unwritten rule that getting involved with a celebrity with more followers than you is not a good idea if you’re trying to build your personal brand on the internet, threw up a video that is already viral in the that parody explicitly the reality of who consume these slimming products high-fiber content, which in many cases leads to an addiction to laxatives, an eating disorder, about which little is said.

Before that Cardi B came Iggy Azalea or the Kardashian, Kim and Khloe. Both in networks and in interviews, Jameela Jamil had already set his goal in the sisters pointing to the clan as the axis of evil, on question of body image and influence. A title that he has already been granted previously to promote an image of the woman, unreal and unattainable in the guise of empowerment frustrates the other women. “No. That you are given. No. You are an influence terrible and toxic for young girls. I admire the ability of your mother to do mark, is a genius, exploitative but innovative. However, this family really makes me feel desperate when I see that reduce women”, wrote in may to Kim Kardashian when she starred in the controversial campaign of the lollipops saciantes Flattummy Co. And recently collected several pictures of all these celebrities to denounce in the same line, the promotion of products of this type: “Give us the codes off of your nutritionists, cooks, personal, personal trainers, makeup artists and plastic surgeons fucking lying”, he wrote.

This entire complaint has been channeled through your project I weigh, an account on Instagram that arose as a critical response to a publication stars again (though not voluntarily) by the Kardashian’s. Tagged in an image of a profile of Instagram that indicated in the photo the weight of each one of the sisters to mode ranking, Jameela generated the countertrend: posing in the picture with labels that indicate the skills, characteristics, or passions of the person in question and not your weight. The profile sum of 250,000 followers, and collects most of photos posted under ‘#iweigh’ by people not famous who want to participate in the project.

With his next move has gone further. Already he had proclaimed before his desire not to be retouched in the images published in magazines and campaigns, defending that saw their stretch marks the natural way of reclaiming the harassment to which she was subjected by the british press, when years before winning international fame sharply increased in weight by the consumption of steroids to treat asthma. Now, in a letter published in the BBC, same media that has been included in its list of the 100 women of the year, and through various tweets, requests that the airbrushing of the images is declared to be illegal. “It is a lie to the consumer”, “is harmful to the person of the image” or “is even more damaging to the public, especially for young women”these are some of the arguments that the british brings.

Although its defenders, among them media as the feminist The Cut from where the journalist Mariah Smith wrote: “I have never been more happy to see someone threatening my livelihood with this tracking the lies of the celebrities, asking them to sit and be honest for once”, the detractors are also there. Users social networking question not to get retouched in the photos that she herself published with messages anti Photoshop but appears made-up, and “brightly beautiful”something that labeled, paradoxically, as “very own of the Kardashian-Jenner” or his character in The Good Place, Tahani Al-Jamil. Media like the american Vox go further by including it in the sack of the feminism of the ‘cool girls’ with Jennifer Lawrence. Jamil, as stress makes constant use of expletives and like Lawrence, he boasts of not having been sexy in its adolescence as it represents and perpetuates, in reality, the stereotype of beauty prevailing and will benefit from it: “For very good who are the celebrities, the privileges that offers the beauty, wealth and status are simply too great,” writes Elisabeth J. Dickson. And Jamil defends himself by appealing to the difficulties for its origin of pakistan and the color of their skin “by constantly rinsing without my permission.”

“I know that I am being a bit extravagant in all of this, but the war against the bodies and the general image of women is ongoing and out of control. Surgery for adolescents, eating disorders and self-harm are on the rise. So the counter attack is going to involve a lot of noise. Do you not like? Cállame” challenges from the field of battle tweeter.