So was the video posted by a former leader of the PRI; and died from the coronavirus in Warrior


The businessman and former leader state of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the Guerrero, José Luis Jaimes Altamirano, was the first victim in the state has died of the coronavirus COVID-19.

In a video posted on the social network Twitter, Jaimes Altamirano reported having symptoms of the “flu”, to which he said that he had decided to make a “autocuarentena”. What they did not know is that it was coronavirus, which after a few days ended his life.

José Luis Jaimes he was the first person infected COVID-19 in die in Guerrero, where there are about 13 cases of patients infected by the virus. Which has led to the governor of the state, Héctor Astudillo Flores, to make to establish 69 municipal committees of health which covered the most important points in the state.

Acapulco is one of the centers that the more coverage they havebecause it counts with facilities such as the camp created by the Secretary of the Navy, named HOSNAVACA – Naval Hospital of Acapulco- where we attend to cases and suspected patients who may have the COVID-19 and will be in effect on the duration of the health emergency.

Despite the fact that the number of tests to detect the disease in the country did not exceed 10 thousand units, health authorities in Mexico have said that the main point against the fight against the coronavirus is the brigade of a healthy distance. The goal is to generate a message autocuarentena for the majority of citizens, specifically for over 60 years, who are the population with the highest probability of risk for the stage of the pandemic.

In the conference given by Dr. Hugo Lopez-Gatell, undersecretary of health, said that it has strengthened the mandate of maintaining the permanence at home for the population in general, restricting the meetings in work for which the centres do not exceed the amount of 50 people in the meeting, in addition to that has increased the period of time that will last the measures of isolation to prevent the spread of the virus until at the end of April.

In addition to that most of the federal agencies that are not vital to the functioning of the state have already given the opportunity to work from home and that has been sent to the majority of the population especially vulnerable to home, essential services such as those related to health, the economy essential, basic services such as electricity, water and maintenance of the same will continue to operate, but under circumstances of special protection.

Until now Mexico has around 1,094 positive cases of infection of the coronavirusin total are recorded 28 deceased up to the timeand it is expected that the number of cases of infection continue to increase, but a level of control that allows the phase three contingency to the epidemic does not rise to exceptional levels.

While both the majority of economic activities will continue with the restriction to avoid crowding of people in order to avoid creating points of infection. The mexican government has set a position in the policies of the autocuarentena, “we do not believe in the curfew, that is an option that is not even considered”he said at the same conference the secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón when journalists questioned about a restriction much more severe.

Most of those who died showed chronic problems and who are having to comply with the instruction to stay out of the daily activities at the stage of contingency; patients who have obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and risk elements such as smoking are the most vulnerable. Hugo López also emphasized on to say that “Smoking is extremely malignant for any aspect of the health and counterproductive to the disease COVID-19”.

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