So you can check the weather from your smartphone without installing any apps

Weather affects us all, especially during times of sudden change in Spain due to heat waves.Find out what the temperature is like on a particular day, or if it’s going to rain or be windy We have tons of apps for Android. It is important to know how to interpret the different symbols that appear in the application, such as the rain symbol just explained.

but It’s not always necessary to install an app to know the weather, but can be easily and quickly consulted directly on our mobile phones without using third-party applications. Depending on the phones we own, there will be more or less in the way, but there’s always the possibility of at least two.

this It is especially useful when we have to consult something in time We don’t have any apps installed, we don’t know which one to download, and we don’t want to visit one of those portals with hyper-detailed information. For quick consultations, our mobile phones are sufficient.

check quick time

The first way to check the time is search in google bar They have all phones on the main desktop. It may have been moved or deleted, but we can always put it back. Also, it is recommended because it allows us to search by voice and camera.

All we have to do is type “weather” into the search box and the weather for our location will appear on the screen. We’ll see what the day looks like, and the temperatures for hours to come. However, we can click on the 10 day option which will give us a graph of the temperature for that time period, with the caveat that a 10 day forecast is not as reliable as a 24 or 48 hour forecast. You can also do this search by opening a web browser, going to Google, and entering your query there, but it’s much slower.

Weather in Google Search Bar

if you want You can create a shortcut Go directly to this screen from the desktop. Just click on the icon with three vertical dots next to the El Tiempo text and select “Add to Home Screen”. From that moment we will have an icon, like that of the application, that allows us to go directly to that section. Apparently, it can be moved to the best suitable table area without any problem.

it is also fine Check the weather from Discover, News list on the left side of most Android phones. Of course, it might not always be there in this case.

Another way to know the time is use google assistant. You can activate the assistant by tapping the voice search icon in the Google bar, or by using the “Ok Google” command, or by swiping from the bottom corner to the top, and all you have to do is ask for the time.

Answers will be given by voice, but a small image will also appear with the data for the day. You can tap on other options, like the weather for the weekend, and it will change the image showing the temperature for those days, and whether it’s sunny, rainy, cloudy, etc.

Weather in Google Assistant

at last, Most phones have a standard widget (or widgets) that let you see weather changes at a glance. To use them, you just press and hold on an area of ​​the screen that doesn’t have icons, then select “Add Widget,” look for a widget called “Weather” or “El Tiempo,” and select the one that appears. Sometimes there are more than one, of different shapes and sizes, and with different information.

Novelties in this space keep popping up, and Google recently announced a new product, albeit only in the US. If you want more precision, you can choose to install a third-party application such as or Anyweather. This is desirable, especially if more specific data is required, if you’re going to practice a certain type of sport, go wild, etc. Also, these apps have tons of widgets in case we need precise data at a glance.

Another option for knowing the weather at home is to Ask about smart speakers already installed at home. Those without a screen will give a voice reply, and those with a screen will show us a small chart, which will mark the maximum value of the weather in addition to showing whether the weather is sunny, cloudy or rainy. and minimum temperature.

5 Weather Apps for Android

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