So you see the lungs by the coronavirus


MEXICO CITY.- Most of 7 thousand dead and thousands of infected has left the current outbreak of coronavirusin your step by almost all countries of the world.

This new virus causes serious respiratory problems, that combined with other ailments in patient, it can even lead to death.

In social networks was widespread a series of photographs that show the damage that causes the coronavirus in the lungs of a sick person.

In the picture you can see the progress who has the disease over 15 days, showing the twelfth as the onset of health complications and the 15th as an advance full of complications, such as pneumonia.

In another photograph we can see the damage that sufreron the lungs of an infected person in the city of Wuhan, in China.

The image ‘A’ shows the lungs during the first symptoms, in the following imagen is shown with a breakthrough the coronavirus.

What problems cause the coronavirus?

After a person is infected, the covid 19 cause dry throat, cough, and sore throat.

This virus can cause a severe case of pneumonia and, not to be dealt with adequately, can cause the death of the person.

Meanwhile, the Spanish newspaper ABC collected the evidence of a nurse Italian that ensures that seems the coronavirus “turns off suddenly the lungs of the patients.”

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